Thursday, September 30, 2010

This Thing Really Works

After work today, I tried putting a large randomly selected paragraph into SpinBot, clicked to rewrite the text and was pleasantly surprised to find that this thing really works!  It's not perfect yet, but still -- SpinBot truly does know how to recognize text and then produce new content based on that original content.

It was a proud moment for me.

As far as updates go, I am still continuing to expand SpinBot's vocabulary and text recognition capabilities.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Secret to Effective Content Rewriting, Not Gibberish Spinning

Anyone (or many people at least) can whip up a program that draws from a database of synonyms, replace the words in a paragraph and call that "spun."  What that really is: Gibberish.

There is no point in aimlessly spinning words as far as your average web surfer is concerned.  Unintelligible junk only serves to annoy people when they stumble onto it.

So what is the secret to effectively rewriting text into additional readable text?

The secret is hidden within the depths of SpinBot's artificial brain.

So, even if I wanted to tell you the secret, I wouldn't be be able to.  In the mean time, at least, you can use to rewrite your old content in a click and a flash.  SpinBot will make your dusty old text info shiny, sparkling new content that people will be delighted to read.

Give it a try.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

SpinBot Now Translates and Spins To/From 19 Languages!

UPDATE: Spinbot no longer offers the option to translate text.  See explanation here.

Well, only 18 if you count the two versions of Chinese (traditional and simplified) as only one.

Nineteen or eighteen, that's still pretty good.  This means you can start in Spanish, then reword your original Spanish text (so that it says the same basic thing, though in a different, human readable form), then have it end up in German in human readable form.

Or any combination of any of the 19 language options listed below.

Here are all the languages that SpinBot can not only translate, but also translate and reword after translating:

  • English

  • Arabic

  • Chinese Simplified

  • Chinese Traditional

  • Czech

  • Dutch

  • German

  • Greek

  • French

  • Hebrew

  • Hungarian

  • Italian

  • Korean

  • Polish

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Spanish

  • Swedish

  • Turkish

If you would like to translate or translate and spin your text content, then simple navigate to, select the appropriate option above, and give 'er a whirl.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Got Writer's Block?

Sometimes all you need is a nudge to get your creative juices flowing.  This is one of the main reasons I created SpinBot.

Much of the time, when you are experiencing writer's block, it isn't because you don't know generally what to say, it's because you don't know exactly what to say, or how to say what you're thinking about, vaguely ... somewhere in the back of your mind.  It may also be the case that you need to write about something you've written about, but you don't know how to say it any other way.

Here is where SpinBot comes in to give you a nudge in the right (write?) direction.  This is why I like to call it a Creativity Engine.  And using SpinBot to rewrite, or spin, your writing could not be simpler.

Just put in your text, and click the button to rewrite it.  You also have the option of spinning your textual content into a variety of different languages.

How much does it cost? (you might ask) .. Nothing.

So go ahead, give 'er a spin.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Added a Bunch of Online Marketing Vocabulary

I just uploaded a bunch of online business / marketing vocabulary to SpinBot so that specialists in related fields should be able to spin their content without any issue.  Examples of marketing words includes "search engine", "marketing", "links", and such.

This means, if you are in the habit of posting hundreds or thousands of tweets or online articles displaying your online marketing expertise, then SpinBot can help you continue to do so, with new and improved text recognizing capabilities.

For example, the phrase:

"I want to market my website so that it shows up on search engines."

turns into:

"I want to showcase my online presence so that it appears on internet searching tools."

Go ahead, try it out.

New Application for SpinBot: Crossword Puzzles

I discovered a new unexpected use for SpinBot: Crossword puzzles.

A basic strategy for thinking of what word might go in a certain space is to create a kind of mental spiderweb in your mind, what words are related, what words seem to mean the same thing, etc.  SpinBot, by rewriting the given phrase / hint, will help to build this mental web.

Spinbot will sometimes condense a phrase, and at other times expand it, which would be useful to get one's crossword creativity juices flowing.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rewrite Your Tweets, Spin Monotonous News Headlines

If you find yourself struggling to discuss a particular subject that you tend to discuss on Twitter because you have already discussed it up, down, upside down and downside up, then you would benefit from using  Simply put the statement that you can't imagine saying any other way, and SpinBot will rewrite your tweet.

This can also work for people who are tired of thinking up new ways to repost the same old news.  In this case, a fresh spin on daily news headlines would serve to freshen up what would have been a monotonous tweet.

If there is a particular set of words that you would like me to cover better, please email me via mail[at]wordbot[dot]com and I will let you know as soon as I have updated the database with the requested, new word recognition capabilities.

Happy spinning!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Translate and Spin Your Content

I personally know of no other text or content spinning program that will translate and spin your content with the level of complexity and contextual accuracy that SpinBot offers.  As of now, SpinBot offers spinning and/or translation to/from the following languages:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • French

  • German

All that, and it's free!

Not only that .. SpinBot also rewrites text lightning fast.   Not only that, but we are continually improving the number of words and phrases that SpinBot recognizes.

Any other features you can think of that you would like to see for  Anything we left out?  Let us know in a comment / response to this post.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Feature: Spin Capitalized and Non Capitalized Words

SpinBot has this new feature: the option to automatically rewrite capitalized words as well as lower case words.  Before, all capitalized words not at the beginning of the sentence were treated as proper nouns (or names) and thus ignored.   Now, you can spin any of the following without an issue:

  • TV dinner

  • Tv dinner

  • tv dinner

All you have to do is select the checkbox next to the "process" button to "Spin Capitalized Words" or something to that effect.

This might come in handy in particular if spinning from German to another Latin based language in particular, since so many German nouns are capitalized (I am not sure why).

You can try out anytime yourself.  It's free.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Blog Post One

This is the first of what I hope will be many updates for this blog.

As of now SpinBot offers a wide range of text spinning features.  The most fundamental thing SpinBot does is spin (rewrite) text, and it does so for free.

We are continually updating our database so that SpinBot is getting smarter all the time.  This includes not only singular words, like a thesaurus, but also whole phrases of various shapes and sizes.

SpinBot is certainly a work in progress, but it's on the way to becoming a helluva web based application.

Check out yourself, give a whirl!