Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quality Content Is the Secret to SEO Domination

Do you want your website or blog to get more attention from Google?

If yes, then chances are you need quality content, and lots of it.  This is one of, if not the very best method for making your site show up on major search engines.

The more articles or posts you create telling the world about your business (or whatever you are trying to market online), the more keywords and phrases your site will begin to corner on Google's search index.

And this makes sense -- after all, what can Google index if you are not constantly creating additional content for their spiders to notice and keep track of?

At the same time, this content must be written with high enough quality as to offer human visitors some valuable insight into the subject you are writing about.  It is likely that Google also keep track of how quickly visitors leave your site if there is nothing there to keep their attention.

This information brings us to ... SpinBot.  If you need to multiply the content you have, or if you need a new way to express what you have already said a hundred different ways, then try letting SpinBot put a fresh spin on it.

SpinBot is a simple, fast, effective and free text rewriting program that is getting smarter all the time.  SpinBot will take your readable text (in any language) and turn it into an additional readable copy.

There's only one way to find out.  Go ahead and try it out for yourself.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Auto Rewrite Your Text

The main purpose of SpinBot is to rewrite your text, from any language to any language.  This functionality is extremely useful for internet marketers in particular, who may have already written hundreds of articles on a particular subject, who need a new spin on the content they have already written about so many times.

It is an undeniable fact that, after writing about the same thing over and over, you can start to feel some major writer's block.  That is to say, after you've written for a long time about a particular subject in a variety of blog posts, articles to put into public databases and Twitter "tweets", it can start to seem like there is no other original way to say what you've been saying all along.

That is where SpinBot comes in extremely handy.  SpinBot allows you to simply enter any text you need to rewrite, click the button, and presto, your text has been given a new lease on life.

What's more, you have the option of spinning your text until it takes a form you prefer, including the verbs and noun substitutions that you think sound best.  If there is only a small tweak or two that you would put in after a particular spin, then I would recommend copying the new text and then manually making the additional tweak in a text editor.

Coffee and Espresso Related Vocabulary Ready for Spinning

I recently added coffee related vocabulary and phraseology to SpinBot's repertoire.  So now, if you blog or use twitter for coffee related discussion, you can utilize SpinBot to rewrite your content, put a fresh spin on your text, or maybe just help you with the article writing / brainstorming process.

Say, for example, you have already written a large number of articles about coffee -- making coffee, grinding espresso beans, steaming a latte, etc.  You can take the article or articles that you've written, which you might think sound redundant, use SpinBot to rewrite them, then go on from there (publish your newly spun content on the internet, etc.).

Click here to check out SpinBot and try out its new espresso and coffee related text rewriting capabilities.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

SpinBot Will Multiply Your Custom Written Articles

If you've bought any custom written articles from an online vendor lately, then SpinBot can help you get the most of your money by stretching your articles from 2 to 4, or from 5 to 10, or from 50 to 100.  Say, for example, you plan on using a purchased article about cooking to post to your blog about cooking.  You could utilize SpinBot to rewrite your article for free and post this perfectly readable, alternate version on an article database with links back to your site.

You might wonder what are the chances that Google will penalize text rewriting by dropping one or the other (or both) articles so far down on it's index as to make one or more (or both) worthless ...  This is a major goal that the creators of SpinBot are attempting to address.

In many cases, SpinBot can rewrite content with such a drastically new structure that it will be unrecognizable by humans or computers alike.  We are continually working to expand this capability of course, by adding new vocabulary and phrase recognition to our database.

How's it working so far?