Thursday, April 7, 2011

Persistent Website Marketing Is Effective Website Marketing

If you have just launched a website designed to make you a few extra bucks on the side, then congratulations!  You should take full advantage of that initial rush of energy you are probably feeling -- that feeling that you could stay up all day and night talking up your product or service, or the website that offers your product.

But keep in mind, it's a long, challenging road ahead.  To really get (and keep) and edge in your particular industry you'll have to keep hammering away at it.  You'll have to keep taking advantage of every available avenue of exposure you can dream up, from other blogs, to forums, to every available kind of networking you can think of (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

But the fastest way to drum up some attention from major search engines is without a doubt the content that you post on your website or blog.  The more unique, quality content you post on your blog, the more chances you will have to corner relevant search phrases on Google.  And, when you prove to readers that your blog is worth sticking around to read, then Google will recognize that as well.  The more that Google perceives a positive flow of (sticky) traffic to your site, the more Google will oblige your site with a greater number of search phrases.

Marketing your site with quality content resembles a snowball rolling down a snowy mountain, picking more speed, momentum and size as it rolls downward.  If you keep up the hard work writing articles or blog posts about the product or service you want to market, you will garner an ever growing flood of traffic from Google and other major search engines.

And Spinbot will help you along in your marketing efforts by speeding up your content producing efforts.  Any articles, blog posts or other web content you might have can be turned into twice, or three times the amount of content with the same level of quality thanks to Spinbot's free article spinning capabilities.

All you have to do is input your unique, quality text and Spinbot will rewrite your content into additional quality content.

It's free, fast, effective and easy.  Now is the time to give Spinbot a try!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Use Free Website Content to Maximize Search Phrase Coverage

If you have recently created a website or blog, then you will soon realize that it is very difficult to get any significant exposure on Google.

For any new website or blog, regardless of how much useful content it contains, there will be a "trial" period during which Google gathers information the site, including how stable it is and how visitors interact with the site.  As Google's indexing algorithm establishes with greater certainty that your site is trustworthy as well as useful to most passers-by, your site will climb up the indexing ladder.

In addition to establishing your trustworthiness with Google, there is also the basic problem of having little or no content for the search engine to index.  If, for example, you are trying to maintain a blog about hiking in Idaho, then you will probably want your site to contain a variety of keywords related to hiking in Idaho.  In the case of this hiking example, if someone searches for "Boise hiking locations" but your blog never mentions "Boise" (even though it is the capital of Idaho), then there is a good chance that Google will not direct this web surfer to your website.

This is the principle of search phrase coverage, and is why you need to constantly expand your site with meaningful text that is relevant to your overall site theme.

Spinbot is an automated text spinning tool that will assist you with the process of creating massive amounts of text as quickly as possible.  If, for example, you have 150 articles related to hiking available to you,  then you can use Spinbot to turn these articles into twice as much (or more) content, which you can them post on your website or blog to expand your content base, and ultimately your search phrase coverage.

There is an unending race to market products online, and one of the most effective ways to win this race is to maintain a constant flow of unique, readable content on your site.  Whether you are starting out or not, posting tons of useful content to your site is a great way to boost your search engine exposure.

So, to jumpstart your online marketing efforts, go ahead and give Spinbot a try!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keep Your Blog Focus Limited, But Not Too Limited

In order to build a faithful following on your blog, it is important that people know what your blog is "all about."  If your blog doesn't have a consistent theme that is useful to specific group of people, then there is little chance that you will secure a group of faithful visitors to your site.

On the other hand, you should seek a balance between keeping your message limited, but not too limited.  You want to corner your niche, but you also don't want to paint yourself into a corner.  If, for example, you are marketing yourself to a particular region of the country, then you might think about how you might eventually expand your interest base to the rest of the country, or even the world.  It is also possible that your blog will become so popular that you will want to expand your reach into other areas of interest or industries and thus expand your money making opportunities.

This may or may not be possible for you in light of your current marketing strategy, but it is worth considering when thinking about your long term money making efforts online.  If you do not have the option of expanding your current blog's reach, then you could always create additional blogs.  The downside to starting completely new blogs is that you will have to launch your marketing efforts almost from scratch -- I say "almost" because you can springboard from your current blog's success by advertising your new site on your old site.

In any case, if you blog about your interest and stay consistent then you can't really go wrong.  Other people with similar interests will be drawn to your writing and eventually, you will gain a large following regardless.

Along the way, if you should run into a creative brick wall, a.k.a. "writer's block," then you can always use Spinbot to spice up your current content, or possibly old content that is gathering dust online or on your computer.  Thinking of new ways to talk about a strategically limited subject can be difficult, but that's why Spinbot was created.  Spinbot will turn your thoughtful content into additional, human readable text.

Go ahead, give it a try.

If Content is King, then Spinbot Is Giving Away Free Money

You've probably heard the phrase a few times -- "Content is King."   This phrase derives from the fact that, if your site is a consistent source of unique, valuable content, then Google will recognize this and give your site preferential treatment. Of course, the better your placement for valuable search terms, the more chances you will have to gain exposure for your site or product, and turn traffic into income for yourself.

So if unique, valuable content is king, then a source of unlimited unique content for your website would be extremely valuable -- and this is exactly what Spinbot offers.  The main element that will boost your site's placement on Google -- fresh content -- is available in abundance for free from this remarkable web based application.

The service Spinbot provides -- intelligent text rewriting -- is easy to describe theoretically but somewhat more tricky to implement in reality.  Most text spinning programs will spin your readable text into garbled nonsense using something like an automated thesaurus / word matching mechanism.  Spinbot, on the other hand, is designed to rewrite your text into additional readable text by choosing words that will actually work in the given context.  Thus, at the click of a mouse, one readable article can be turned into two readable articles.  One clever blog post can turn into two clever blog posts, or one blog post and an article you can re-post through an article directory.

Spinbot is free to all, easy to use and surprisingly effective.  To write your articles, blog posts or any other textual content for free, simply paste it into the text box on Spinbot's homepage and click the button to rewrite it.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Passive Income in the Competitive Online World

It is easy for people who make money online to exaggerate about how much money they make from "passive income."  A passive income source is more likely than not only "relatively passive."  What I mean is, there is no such thing as 100% passive income from a site that you literally never have to maintain.

Even the most basic website requires maintenance, whether this be paying for the domain, paying for hosting or posting new content on the site.  What if something goes wrong with your web host and no one notices?  What if something goes wrong with the email address you have listed on your site?  These are just a few examples illustrating how your site will inevitably need some attention.

Depending on your programming prowess, you may or may not be able to create a completely "automated" website that creates new content, followers, etc. without any input from you, the owner.  Based on my experience in development, more complex applications can do some pretty impressive things, but they still need human intervention to get them over unexpected crashes and any one of a million issues that might occur.

So, all that to say, in the ever more competitive online world, there is no such thing as easy money.  You will have to keep your innovative energies going as long as you want to stay competitive.

However, while the world of online marketing is getting more competitive, there are tools, such as Spinbot, that can help you along.  Spinbot can be used for a variety of purposes, from helping you reword phrases that are starting to sound stale to rewriting whole articles in a single click.  Spinbot can be used to create massive amounts of unique content quickly, or it can be used to get over a bout of writer's block.

In any case, to make the most of your marketing efforts, give Spinbot a try.

Free Blogging Services And Free Unique Blog Content

If you are planning on marketing your product or service using a blog, then you should be able to do so either for free or almost free.  Major blogging services such as Wordpress, Blogger (Blogspot) and LiveJournal will host your blog, give you a variety of formatting options and also give you a handle (domain) that is derived from their base domain, such as ""

The beauty of free blog hosting is that it is basically worry free.  In particular, you don't have to worry about bandwidth or storage like you would have to if you were paying for hosting yourself.

Free blogging services also handle all DNS (Domain Name Service) issues that you would have to worry about if you were setting up your own hosting from scratch.  The only exception would be if you want to buy your own domain and then associate it with the free blogging service.  My experience with Blogger has been better than Wordpress in this regard: You can associate a custom domain with Blogger's interface for free but Wordpress with charge you for it.

There are other little charges you have to watch out for, depending on the blogging service you choose.  On the same token, each service has it's own sets of strengths and weaknesses that you have to decide between.  For example, Wordpress offers a really nice interface, but will generally charge you extra for advanced CSS options, etc.  Blogger (Blogspot) hosting does not have any such limitations but sometimes their templates leave something to be desired.

So how does free blog hosting relate to Spinbot?  Answer: Spinbot is a free source of unique textual content, which you can use to create blog posts, which these free blogging services will host.  Thus, if you want to launch an online marketing campaign for free from start to finish and thereby potentially corner some very lucrative markets, then Spinbot plus any free blogging service is your key to success.

Visit Spinbot to jump-start your blogging campaign today!

Market Your Business Online For Free

A good principle of business is to spend as little as possible on your different marketing ventures, and only spend more if those ventures are proven to pay off.  What I mean is, you have to be objective: Are your efforts really paying off?  Have you bought into a marketing plan that is costing significantly more than it is actually bringing in?

These can be tough questions to grapple with since people like to run their business their own way.  However, if you want to make more money and waste less time, energy and resources in the process, then you have to be objective.

Arguably the best way to market your blog for free is via search engine optimization, or by people clicking on organic search engine results that refer to your site.  This means, you get search engine traffic for free based solely on the quality of your blog or website.  This requires a variety of different variables to line up correctly, however the most important factor tends to be quality content.

This is where Spinbot can really do you a world of good.  You can use Spinbot for free to spin your existing content into new content, which you can then post on your website or blog.  This can be the fastest way to build up your content base and get noticed by major search engines such as Google.

If you are using a free blogging service such as Blogger (Blogspot), Wordpress or LiveJournal, then you also don't have to pay for hosting.  This way you can get the entire blog for free -- free unlimited unique content from Spinbot and free unlimited hosting from any of a variety of free blog hosts.

Do you need to build up your blog content quickly and start getting indexed by Google and other search engines?  If yes, you should try out today.

Also: Read more about free blogging services here.

Choosing an SEO Optimized Domain Name

Google evidently thinks very highly of domains that are relevant to search phrases.  For example, you might search for a single word and get the .COM version of that single word, but the content on that site isn't nearly as informative as another site with a less memorable domain that is actually showing up on page 2 for that single word Google search.

Brand recognition is valuable, of course, but it might take years for people to learn that a formal name, for example, should be associated with a particular industry such as real estate, for example.  If you know exactly what your market is, such as real estate in Las Vegas, then it will give you a much faster boost up the search engine ladder to set up a website on "" rather than ""

Google is very adept at picking out the words in a particular domain and then associating those words with a search phrase.  For this reason, one might argue that you would be better off buying a domain with dashes in it such as" rather than "," which might be easier to type.

For industries that are already competitive (which is practically every industry) it is better to win over Google so that Google can guide people to your site.  If people are clicking on search results given by Google, then they won't care how hard your domain is to type out or remember.

Some people are lucky enough to have single word generic domains such as or  This would be ideal, however, most people cannot afford such domains as these.  The next best thing for the start-up web marketer would be a Google-search friendly name.

However, even if you have a great domain name, you still need to back it up with solid content to get the kind of traffic you need to make a living off of it.  You need quality content hosted on your site in addition to a quality domain in order to achieve true search engine domination.

Spinbot was designed to meet this need.  You can quickly build up your site's content base by posting content that has been rewritten by Spinbot.  You can take all the articles and information currently at your disposal, spin this content into various other versions and then post this content to your site.  This is a great way to give search engines the anchors or strategic search phrases you want to associate with your site.

Need unlimited new content for your website or blog?  Try

Focus On Specific Search Phrases and Marketing Niches

If you are selling a specific product or set of products, then you should be trying to corner as many related search phrases as possible.   For example, if your blog offers information on pet fish and you would thus like to sell "pet fish" related products on your site, then you should try to post as much related content to your site as possible.

In the case of pet fish, you would do well to corner such search phrases as "cheap fish tank", "affordable fish food", "fish tank cleaners", etc.   In order for Google to associate such phrases with your site you would need to literally have these phrases posted somewhere on your blog or website.  Also, it would help to have articles circulating on the web that you posted, which are related to these search phrases both for manual traffic leads as well as for PR juice.

Using Spinbot, you could spin articles, paragraphs or single sentences containing these phrases.  If you needed to preserve certain words to keep their strategic placement in your blog or website, then you would enter them in the "Ignore" field by typing in "tank, clean, affordable," etc.   Chances are, however, that you would do just as well letting Spinbot rewrite these words to expand your phrase coverage in excess of what you had planned.

In general, the goal is search phrase optimization.  Google and other major search engines will investigate the density of certain phrases or words on your site to verify your site's relevance.  If your goal is to corner the pet fish market, then you should cover all things "pet fish" related somewhere on your site, most likely more than once.

Much of the challenge here comes from the fact that it takes time and effort to create quality, readable content for your blog.  But this is where Spinbot comes in to help you out: You can use Spinbot's advanced text rewriting capabilities to create new, reworded content from your existing content.  This will expand your search-engine-optimized phrase coverage as well as the overall volume of content on your site, which gives you additional opportunities, or "hooks," to be indexed and thus attract visitors via organic searches for the service or product you are providing.

Have you tried Spinbot yet?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Using Backlinks and Article Directories to Boost Your Google PageRank

One of the most beneficial aspects of posting unique articles to different article directories is the fact that, for each of these articles that you post online, you will receive at least one (probably more) links back to your site.

This is important because Google keeps track of html links to your site to judge how well your page will rank for various search phrases.  This is why Google calls the different levels or grades you can get PageRank.

PageRank is graded on a scale of 1-10, 10 being perfect.  I am pretty sure only has a rating of 10. The further up the scale you get, the harder it is to get an upgraded PR.  Having a PageRank of 1 means Google acknowledges your sites existence and you are not trying to do something illegal.

Both the number of backlinks and the source of your links are important for obtaining a favorable PageRank from Google.  Reputable article directories that reject junk (gibberish) articles will most likely have a better reputation, thus giving you a better PR boost for every unique article they post which contains links to your site.  The more of these links you accumulate, the greater number of PR boosts your site will receive.

Of course, having all of this exposure on various reputable article directories will also create opportunities for people to click on the links and bring them back to your site directly.  This is good, but not nearly as powerful as getting higher organic search rankings on Google -- there is no end to the amount of traffic that you might receive from good placement on basic Google search terms.

Here is how building backlinks and improving your Google PR relates to Spinbot will help you create an exponentially greater number of meaningful, readable articles that you can post to any number of article directories. The more of these articles you post to various directories, the more linkage and PR boost you will receive, not to mention direct click traffic.

Also worth noting is that these unique article postings will show up perfectly well on Google (no duplicate content penalty) since Spinbot will do such an effective job spinning them.

Ready? Right now you can start using Spinbot right now to increase your website's SEO rankings using the abovementioned methodology today, for free --  Go for it!

No More Article Spinner Junk

There is one obvious reason why people might hate automatic article spinners: Gibberish sucks.  The typical article spinner turns perfectly good articles into meaningless nonsense.

Unreadable junk is a waste of time for web surfers and ultimately a major detriment for your website or blog. If a visitor goes out of their way to visit your site for the first time and sees that you have posted a lot of computer generated nonsense, then you can bet that you will never see that visitor again.

So the goal in in rewriting articles, tweets or any other web based content is to create new content that is human readable, or meaningful to the average passer by.  This may seem obvious, but people who are desperate to fill their site with anything might be tempted to post a lot of junk rather than a little quality content.

The ideal scenario would be to post a lot of quality content as quickly as possible -- and that is exactly what Spinbot allows you to do!  Unlike other random text spinners, Spinbot is designed to instantly rewrite your articles, tweets or any other textual content into new content that means the same thing, but with different wording.

Not only is extremely fast and effective it is free!

So what are you waiting for?  Visit and give it a try.

Keep a Constant Flow of Unique and Interesting Blog Content

An important part of keeping your blog fresh is to cover a broad range of information that is both relevant and interesting.  This is a general process that will work out generally as you continue to learn about and practice your trade.

As you continue to learn more about the business or niche you are pursuing, you will have more to talk about, and you will probably continue to generate more interest within your own daily life, thus feeding your own desire to write.  Fanning the flame of your own interest will also kindle other people's interest.

In order to keep fans of your blog faithfully coming back, you should not only continue to add new content, you should add new content  that is interesting to your reader base.  Will the new content you are adding be valuable to your readers in some practical way?  Are you offering some kind of fresh insight that might not already be common knowledge to most of your readers?

In the process of creating all of this content, you may run into writer's block, or you may need assistance taking the repetitiveness out of your posts.  If this is the case, or if you want to turn your blog posts into articles that you submit to article directories, then Spinbot will be of great use to you.

You can convert your unique blog posts into several additional unique articles that, after submitting to article directories, will direct people back to your website or blog.

Click Here to give Spinbot a whirl.

Fast, Convenient and Free Article Spinning Using Spinbot

Thanks to Spinbot rewriting your hard earned articles has never been faster, more convenient or more affordable.  This is because Spinbot is freely available online and is about as intuitive as any web based application could be.

Spinbot is unique in it's unlimited availability, speed, simplicity and (non-existent) cost.

  • Regarding Availability:

There is no set up, no installment and no sign-up required to use Spinbot.  You simply have to visit the site, enter your article or other textual content and let Spinbot do all the work for you.  As long as you have internet access, you can access and utilize Spinbot's text spinning capabilities.

  • Regarding Simplicity:

Most other text spinning programs require a learning curve, however Spinbot does not.  As long as you know how to paste text and click a button, then you should be able to easily use Spinbot to rewrite your articles.

It is also common for text spinning programs to require a lot of interaction throughout the article spinning process.  By the time you get done choosing synonyms and phrase replacements, you might as well have written the article yourself!  Spinbot, on the other hand, requires no such interaction except for a few options that you can utilize if you feel the need.  In most cases, you should only have to enter your text then sit back and let Spinbot do all the thinking for you.

  • Regarding Speed:

It is also lightning fast thanks to the program's inherent efficiency.  Despite the innumerable processes going on behind the scenes, the whole article spinning process starts and finishes in a few seconds.

  • Regarding Cost:

Spinbot is free.  Unlike other major web applications, there is no monthly, yearly or any other kind of usage fee.  For some other programs, even the introductory price you see is exactly that -- an introductory price.  If you really want to use the product you will inevitably end up spending more than you initially expected.

There's nothing left to do except to give Spinbot a try so you can continue expanding your article empire faster than ever!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Free Unique Content Creation and the End of Your Writer's Block

Perhaps the most difficult thing about maintaining a blog or any informational website is keeping the fresh content going over the long term.  You may feel energetic when you first start writing about a subject, but after the 1000th blog post you might start to think that there's nothing else to write about.

It definitely helps to keep researching and practicing your trade.  Reading up on related websites in particular will keep your creative energies flowing.

In an ideal world, you would have unlimited time and energy to create new posts for your blog, but unfortunately we all have a limited amount of time and energy.  So, if (or when) you run into a time or energy wall, then you would benefit from a tool that rewrites the textual content you already have at your disposal.

This is where Spinbot enters the picture.  Spinbot will help you make the most of your time by rewriting your content by the sentence, paragraph or even whole articles at a time depending on how much you enter at a time.  Whatever the number of words you are spinning (up to the allowed character limit), Spinbot will rewrite your textual content into new content that still means the same thing.  You can rewrite essays, articles, blog posts or any chunk of text so that it is still meaningful and readable, but it will totally reworded.

Spinbot is free to all, easy to use, fast and very effective.  This means in essence that Spinbot offers the opportunity to create a potentially unlimited amount of free, unique content that you can use for any number of purposes.

With the unique content created by Spinbot, you can post a greater number of meaningful content to article directories, more blog posts, more twitter feeds and potentially any other kind of text that you might need (such as for school, etc.).

Spinbot is free tool that can boost your creative process to no end.  Thanks to the text recognition programmed into this application, you can be as productive as possible, all the while continuing to produce the same quality of readable text for all of your online marketing, or any other content creation needs that might arise for you.

Need free, fast, readable content?  Look no further.



Tweet Spinning Your Way to the Top

Twitter can be an extremely effective way to get worldwide exposure for your website, blog or whatever your online endeavor might be.  Many people use this particular online social medium to getting some of the most up to date news or general information on the web.

The benefit of Twitter, in many people's mind, is the fact that is is to up to date.  The second you post your tweet, this little snippet of information has joined in with that tornado of information otherwise known as the Twittersphere.

One of the most effective ways to gain a following on Twitter is to post a continuous stream of useful or entertaining tweets.  Every tweet is an opportunity to pique someone's interest or get someone to notice the product or service you are offering.

But who can think of new information to tweet litterally 24/7?  It may be possible if you don't have a full time job or any other interests.

Enter Spinbot.

If you need a new creative twist on your Twitter then Spinbot can most definitely help you.  Spinbot will rewrite your old text, or whatever you think might have already been said too many times into a new expression, though with the same meaning.   Spinbot will spin your tweets quickly, for free, and all the while maintaining whatever special formatting you might have attached to your text.

Could you use unlimited free Tweets?   Would it be useful for you to explode the amount of content appearing on your Twitter feed?

If so, then you should give Spinbot a try.

Spinbot Now Spinning Text Better Than Ever

Thanks to a few updates, Spinbot is now spinning text better than ever.  We have recently integrated improved phrase recognition, punctuation preservation and an expanded vocabulary.

All that, and Spinbot is still free!  No sign up needed - just paste in a large block of text, type in words (or parts of words) that you want Spinbot to ignore, click the button and - kablamo - you're done.

In order keep up with the online marketing scene, you will need all the help you can get, and it's for this reason that Spinbot was created.  Thanks to the clever programming that drives this web based application, you can turn whole articles into several new articles which are still human readable.  You can spin anything from Tweets to blog posts to articles.  You could even spin articles and use them as blog posts - the possibilities are endless!

No weird curly brackets, no installation on your home computer, no synonym selections -- just paste, click and spin.

Do you need free web content fast for your article, blog or twitter marketing online?  Then Spinbot is your ticket.

Go ahead, give it a whirl!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Automatically Articles, Blog Posts or Tweets

Speed is very important in the online marketing world.  For example, you will be more successful than your online competition if you are quicker to increase your site's exposure on major search engines such as Google.

How do you gain exposure on Google, Yahoo or Bing?  The most tried and true method for gaining exposure is to have an ever increasing foundation of textual content that the search engine bots will associate with your site.  The greater number and wider variety of textual references search engines associate with your site, the greater spread you will have for searches related to your product or site.

For blog and Twitter marketing for example, the main deciding factor is the race for additional, meaningful content.  Twitter in particular requires a constant flow of updates of you want to gain effective exposure to the "Twittersphere."

This is why Spinbot was created - to speed up the rate at which you can create meaningful content for your blog, website or twitter feed.  You have already put a ton of effort into writing up articles and clever blog posts to describe your area of expertise ... so let Spinbot multiple your efforts several times over in seconds.  Simply enter your text and Spinbot automatically (automagically?) rewrites your text into another form that is still readable to the average reader.

Start multiplying your web content now

Friday, March 11, 2011

Unlimited, Free, Unique Website, Blog and Twitter Content

There are a variety of "free and easy tricks" out there, which are supposed to provide your site with free unique content.  Some of these methods include RSS feeds or copying articles from article directories.  However, while this content might be unique to you, it is not unique to Google.

RSS feeds, for example, are only recycling the same news headlines and summaries that originated from the site where the RSS is getting it's content.  Therefore, you are getting a truncated portion of another site's content, which Google has already indexed.  Since Google has already indexed this text, the search engine will recognize the fact that your content is not unique and will therefore exclude your content from any search results.  In fact, using duplicate content may have a worse effect on your status with Google than just a page or two not getting indexed -- once the search engine recognizes that your site contains a lot of duplicate data, this will have an overall negative effect on your search engine rankings.

The same thing is even more obviously true with articles that you copy and paste onto your blog or website.  This content has long ago been indexed by Google and will thus not at all help your online marketing efforts.

Google also recognizes duplicate Twitter content.

So how can you avoid using duplicate content on your website or blog?  You can utilize the automated rewriting power of

Spinbot is designed to create new, human readable text out of any text you enter.  Spinbot's algorithm recognizes a wide range of English idioms, which helps it to spin textual content accurately, in such a way that it will not come out sounding like gibberish.

The best way to see what I'm talking about is to visit Spinbot right now and start generating all the free unique web content you will ever need!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Unlimited Free Website And Twitter Content

The amount of free website or twitter content that you could gain by using Spinbot is potentially limitless.  By rewriting the textual content you create for online marketing into various additional versions that are still human readable, Spinbot will help you make the most of your time and effort.

The benefit of using Spinbot to spin your text is even more dramatically obvious for those who pay third parties to write blog, website or Twitter content.  For those who are paid per tweet, Spinbot offers a potentially unlimited money making opportunity.

Information is power in general.  As far as the internet goes, exposure on major media outlets such as Google and Twitter dictates how much the information you offer matters.

Thus, if you want to gain greater exposure, you can use Spinbot to create more content out of the expert textual content you already have.  In this way your online prowess will continue to accelerate.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Free Tweet Spinner

The fact that Spinbot is free, fast and readily accessible to everyone makes it perfect for spinning, or rewriting, your tweets.  Automatically rewriting the content you already have will multiply the effort you have already put into getting exposure via this well known social medium.

Twitter has become a staple of the online marketer's game plan, so every bit of help you get to increase your exposure on Twitter would be extremely valuable.  Say, for example, if you tweet about celebrity news, it's not helping you to post basically the same news headlines as everyone else.  But, if you rewrite your tweets so that they maintain the same meaning expressed in a fresh form, this will earn you points both in the Twitter community as well as through Google.  Google, does, by the way, recognize duplicate tweet content.

The secret to keeping up an effective marketing campaign via twitter is much the same as effective blog marketing: Keep the fresh content coming!  Especially with Twitter, studies have shown that only a small fraction of the tweets that people create are ever actually read.  This means that, the more tweets you create, either from scratch or by re-spinning already existing tweets, the more exposure you will get through your twitter account.  Also, since Spinbot does such a great job expressing things in a unique manner, there is a good chance that your following will increase significantly before too long.

Also, it can be difficult to keep up a stream of Twitter content since you can easily become fatigued or your creative energies can run low from time time.  This is an ideal time to try out Spinbot, as the program will never tire of creating new tweets out of old ones.

Tip: If your tweets contain lots of capitalized words that you want to be spun, be sure to select the check box, "Spin Capitalized Words."  If there are words you do not want to be spun, type in all or a portion of these words into the text box labeled "Ignore Words Containing", separated by commas or spaces.

Need a free tweet spinner?  Go here to start rewriting your tweets now!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Save Time, Money and Energy By Rewriting Your Existing Articles

If you've already spend tons of time painstakingly writing articles about a particular subject, then you can quickly rewrite all these articles using Spinbot.  Spinbot will do much more than reorder the sentence, or shuffle the words of your textual content into indecipherable junk.

Because Spinbot is designed to recognize English phrasing and word meaning, it will rewrite your articles so that they are vastly different, yet still readable by the average person.  At the click of a mouse, you will get back a completely new article that means the same thing, yet is completely reworded.

By spinning your articles you can multiple the investment of time and effort you have already put into creating content.  If you paid someone else to write articles for you, then this is great way to make the most of your monetary investment as well.

Go ahead and give it a try!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Free Article Spinner

Spinbot is simple best the free article spinner on the internet.  I have been searching through Google results for "article spinner" or "free article spinner" for some time now and have yet to find any site that can compare to Spinbot.

Spinbot is the only free article spinner that I can find that really works and is actually, truly free.  Other sites offer a free trial period, which obviously won't get you very far.  Even so, to get the free trial you have to divulge your personal contact information, which makes that "free trial" a bit less free to begin with.  Then again there are free article spinning sites that will plug into some randomized thesaurus program and spit out unreadable junk.  But what good is free junk?

Also Spinbot, unlike most other article spinners, does not require you to install third party software on your computer.  This means you can access it anywhere, anytime through a web browser and it will always work exactly the same.  You can also access it through any of your internet ready devices and it will be up and running, ready to go.

I myself prefer to have as few third party applications installed on my PC as possible.  More programs installed on your computer means more junk slowing it down and more opportunity for questionable third parties to access your personal stuff.

So, to recap, you can paste entire articles into Spinbot, click the button to spin the text and "voila" a new, human readable article will be created.  This works for anything from standard articles that will be posted to sites or article directories, to Twitter tweets, to essays that are good enough to print out and use for other purposes outside the internet.

There is also the option to choose words you do not want to be processed, or the option to spin capitalized words since these words are ignored by default.

The real deal is here.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Make the Most of Professionally Written Articles from Third Parties

In case your business model involves purchasing articles from professional writers, you have probably found out by now how expensive this can be over the long haul.  In case you are not aware of how expensive paying for articles can be, it tends to be 10-20 dollars per article (and up).

This is also a persistent cost (an expense that will never go away) if your business model depends on it.  But, if this model works for you, or if it is making you enough income to offset the initial investment, then great!

People might buy articles from a third party for a variety of reasons, for example: To have additional content for article databases, to beef up the informative side of a website, for school work or for new blog posts.

From an SEO perspective, obtaining new, valuable content make sense since Google love fresh, unique content.  You will receive greater exposure through Google and major search engines will assume that your site is more up to date than other sites that sit stagnant for weeks or months.

But it's still expensive!  Paying someone else to create articles for you certainly saves time and energy, but most average people cannot afford that kind of expenditure over the long run.

Solution: Spinbot.

You can cut your content producing costs using Spinbot to rewrite articles you have already created.  For example, if you have 10 major article directories you submit to and you were purchasing one article per directory before, then using Spinbot you can rewrite each article to submit to each one of these directories.  In this way, you would get ten times the exposure, or cut your article writing costs by 90%.

Go ahead, try it out for yourself!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Greater Phrase Coverage Means More Search Engine Exposure

The greater range of phrases you have covered related to a subject or product you are marketing, the more chances you will have to show up on Google's indexes.

I am continually surprised to see the wide range of unheard-of phrases people search for on Google.   Of course basic search terms that you want to cover are important, but more often than you might expect people will enter queries for all kinds of random things.

The reason behind this can be explained simply by the fact that everyone has their unique way of phrasing what they are looking for. Different people have very specific requirements or "catch phrases" that hint at what they want to find out about.

These ideas or subjects are many times related to what you yourself are offering... so how will they know about your product (or blog or website) until you post that phrase online so Google can index it and steer those searchers in your direction?

Realistically, you can never cover every phrase that could possibly be created in regards to your website, or the product you are promoting.  You probably wouldn't want this anyway, since you still want your website content to make sense to the average visitor who stops by.

But what if you have already written about your subject matter in as many different ways as you can imagine?

If this is the case for you, Spinbot can help you brainstorm new ways to express what you have been talking about all along.  If single sentence rewriting is not enough for you, or you want to multiply your content as quickly as possible, then you can also use Spinbot to rewrite entire articles at the click of a mouse.  By re-spinning the valuable content you have already created, Spinbot will make the most of your invested time and effort.

Care to give it a try?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marketing Your Website or Product Online Just Got Easier

Marketing your website or your product online can be challenging to say the least.  It takes a lot of time and creative energy to network your site to others and create relevant content that search engines can find to steer visitors to your destination.  There is also a ton of competition for any industry or market that offers money making opportunities.

One of the most difficult parts of creating an effective online presence is thinking about and creating new relevant content to post online.  Even if you stay on your game and know everything about a particular industry, you may reach a point at which it seems there is nothing left to write about.

This is where Spinbot can make your life a lot easier.   Whether you need to get over some simple writer's block by rephrasing a single sentence, or if you want to rewrite an entire article, Spinbot will get the job done for you in milliseconds.  In this way Spinbot will further energize your online marketing efforts and speed up the rate at which your site or your product gets noticed.

Spinbot will multiply your efforts by rewriting your articles or any other content into new, human readable text.  Simply enter the text and click the button to spin the text.

Go ahead, give it a try.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

IBM's Watson Beats Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter

IBM has passed another major mile-marker in the pursuit of practical artificial intelligence.  They're newest brainchild, dubbed Watson (after the founder of IBM) has beat the two most prominent Jeopardy players in the world - Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.  And he beat them soundly.

At several points in these episodes the two men seemed about ready to give up since the computer kept beating them to the punch... this is kind of sad, but at the same somewhat exciting for what the future might hold for Artificial intelligence.

So how is this related to Spinbot?

In much the same way that Watson is designed to recognize language patterns, so also Spinbot is continually improving in this area for the purpose of rewriting already existing text.  The better that the computer or program "understands" the language passed, the better it will be able to handle that language.

It is also worth noting that IBM made a splash before by building a maching (Deep Blue) that eventually beat Gary Kasparov in chess, even though the man was considered unbeatable by any human (let alone a computer).  Jeopardy posed a much more difficult challenge, however, in light of breadth of knowledge that the computer would have to assimilate and the vagueness of the Jeopardy questions, which the computer would have to decode into something it could understand.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Free Tweet Spinner

I have noticed that there are a bunch of tweet spinners out there that you have to pay a subscription for.

Why pay to spin your Twitter posts, when Spinbot can do this for you for free?  Also there is no sign up, email confirmation or login required, so it's extremely convenient from the first moment you arrive at our homepage.

Twitter is a very powerful way to get exposure for your online business, or any other kind of virtual endeavor you may be undertaking.  Since Twitter is free and there are so many millions of people using it, you'd be crazy NOT to take advantage of it.

So you have Twitter, which is free, and Spinbot, which offers free tweet rewrites to boost your Twitter prowess.

Your only a couple of clicks away from getting started!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Unlimited Free Unique Twitter Posts

How would you like free unlimited free, unique, readable Twitter posts?  That is exactly what you can get from Spinbot.

Simply paste the the snippet of text you want to rewrite, (a bit of pop culture news for example), click the button to spin the text and "BAM" in seconds you have a completely new, original Twitter post that you can add to your feed.  The only difference is that Spinbot's automatic text rewriting system will put a completely new spin on the same-old news announcements.

There's a good chance that people have already heard the news your posting about on Twitter.  Why not post your news snippets in a totally original, rewritten form that will be both human reader and search engine friendly?  Spinbot can do this for you in seconds (or less).

Need help increasing your visibility through Twitter?  Try Using Spinbot.

SEO, Readable Website Content and Online Marketing

A fundamental connection that any online marketer must understand is the connection that exists between meaningful, readable content and effective search engine optimization.

The concept I am referring to is pretty simple: Tons of valuable content will increase your search engine visibility, which will in turn attract search engine users (which includes pretty much everyone who uses the internet).

Here it online marketing broken down into simple steps:

1. Create a website or blog.

2. Constantly add meaningful, readable, useful content to your website or blog.

3. The number of indexes your website has on major search engines (Google in particular) will increase.

4. People will find your site in proportion to the number of indexes Google has.

5. People will subscribe to your blog or website.

6. People will spread word about how great your website it.

7. Your website or blog will become fabulously popular, thus causing you to become rich and famous.

Spinbot will help you sustain your online marketing strategy where it needs help the most: in the creation of meaningful content.  You might spend 30 minutes to an hour writing a single article about the particular subject that you are familiar with.  Spinbot can then take your content and spin or rewrite it into multiple other versions, thus allowing you effectively express the same basic idea in various other ways.

Free Valuable Text Content For Your Website

Do you need to market a product or website online?  If "yes," then you probably need quality content to attract the attention of major search engines.  Augmenting your blog or online web presence with quality content is the best way to market your product or website.

A brick wall I have encountered on many occasions is the fact that I can only think of so many ways to say the same thing.  What are you supposed to do when you've written all you know about a particular subject, and then can think of nothing else to say?

This is where Spinbot really comes in handy - this automatic text rewriting system offers the capability to, at the click of a mouse, multiply all the content you already have so that you have additional, readable content about the same subject matter.

Spinbot will, almost instantaneously, create a new document for you out of whatever text you input, all for free!   The real "magic" here is the fact that Spinbot creates new, original text that is readable.  The difficulty facing any program designed to rewrite readable text is not in rewriting the text, or even in scrambling it (a simple string shuffling program can do that!), the real difficult lies in creating additional content that is not only comprehensible, but all around correct grammatically.

Go ahead, give Spinbot a try.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Feature: Ignore Words Containing Textbox

We have recently added a new feature to Spinbot: The ability to exclude words that you don't want to be rewritten.  You can now add any number of words to the text box labeled "Ignore Words Containing" to tell the Spinbot that you do not want these words to be altered.

All text inserted into this box is treated as inclusive, which means any part of the words you enter into that text box will not be traded out for another word.  Therefore, if you want "revamp" to be rewritten, but not the word "vampire", then you should enter something like "vampir," or to be absolutely sure, just enter the whole word, "vampire".

Also, any non-alphanumeric characters you enter will be treated like separators (including spaces).  This means, if you enter following into the "Ignore Words Containing" textbox:

I 444         like dOGS--mor_than*(cts)

Spinbot will ignore any word containing the following:

i 444 like dogs mor than cts

With this in mind, if you enter the following text to be spun:

"I like dogs more than cats"

you will get something back that looks like this:

I like dogs more than felines.

Please post any questions as comments to this post.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Remember: Spin Capitalized Words

In case you are passing a lot of text into SpinBot that is capitalized (such as a title or announcement), and you want those capitalized words to be re-written as well, remember to check the box labeled "Spin Capitalized Words."  This is just a friendly reminder in case anyone is entering text and wondering why none of it (except maybe the first word in the sentence) is being spun.

Happy Spinning!