Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Feature: Ignore Words Containing Textbox

We have recently added a new feature to Spinbot: The ability to exclude words that you don't want to be rewritten.  You can now add any number of words to the text box labeled "Ignore Words Containing" to tell the Spinbot that you do not want these words to be altered.

All text inserted into this box is treated as inclusive, which means any part of the words you enter into that text box will not be traded out for another word.  Therefore, if you want "revamp" to be rewritten, but not the word "vampire", then you should enter something like "vampir," or to be absolutely sure, just enter the whole word, "vampire".

Also, any non-alphanumeric characters you enter will be treated like separators (including spaces).  This means, if you enter following into the "Ignore Words Containing" textbox:

I 444         like dOGS--mor_than*(cts)

Spinbot will ignore any word containing the following:

i 444 like dogs mor than cts

With this in mind, if you enter the following text to be spun:

"I like dogs more than cats"

you will get something back that looks like this:

I like dogs more than felines.

Please post any questions as comments to this post.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Remember: Spin Capitalized Words

In case you are passing a lot of text into SpinBot that is capitalized (such as a title or announcement), and you want those capitalized words to be re-written as well, remember to check the box labeled "Spin Capitalized Words."  This is just a friendly reminder in case anyone is entering text and wondering why none of it (except maybe the first word in the sentence) is being spun.

Happy Spinning!