Friday, February 25, 2011

Free Article Spinner

Spinbot is simple best the free article spinner on the internet.  I have been searching through Google results for "article spinner" or "free article spinner" for some time now and have yet to find any site that can compare to Spinbot.

Spinbot is the only free article spinner that I can find that really works and is actually, truly free.  Other sites offer a free trial period, which obviously won't get you very far.  Even so, to get the free trial you have to divulge your personal contact information, which makes that "free trial" a bit less free to begin with.  Then again there are free article spinning sites that will plug into some randomized thesaurus program and spit out unreadable junk.  But what good is free junk?

Also Spinbot, unlike most other article spinners, does not require you to install third party software on your computer.  This means you can access it anywhere, anytime through a web browser and it will always work exactly the same.  You can also access it through any of your internet ready devices and it will be up and running, ready to go.

I myself prefer to have as few third party applications installed on my PC as possible.  More programs installed on your computer means more junk slowing it down and more opportunity for questionable third parties to access your personal stuff.

So, to recap, you can paste entire articles into Spinbot, click the button to spin the text and "voila" a new, human readable article will be created.  This works for anything from standard articles that will be posted to sites or article directories, to Twitter tweets, to essays that are good enough to print out and use for other purposes outside the internet.

There is also the option to choose words you do not want to be processed, or the option to spin capitalized words since these words are ignored by default.

The real deal is here.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Make the Most of Professionally Written Articles from Third Parties

In case your business model involves purchasing articles from professional writers, you have probably found out by now how expensive this can be over the long haul.  In case you are not aware of how expensive paying for articles can be, it tends to be 10-20 dollars per article (and up).

This is also a persistent cost (an expense that will never go away) if your business model depends on it.  But, if this model works for you, or if it is making you enough income to offset the initial investment, then great!

People might buy articles from a third party for a variety of reasons, for example: To have additional content for article databases, to beef up the informative side of a website, for school work or for new blog posts.

From an SEO perspective, obtaining new, valuable content make sense since Google love fresh, unique content.  You will receive greater exposure through Google and major search engines will assume that your site is more up to date than other sites that sit stagnant for weeks or months.

But it's still expensive!  Paying someone else to create articles for you certainly saves time and energy, but most average people cannot afford that kind of expenditure over the long run.

Solution: Spinbot.

You can cut your content producing costs using Spinbot to rewrite articles you have already created.  For example, if you have 10 major article directories you submit to and you were purchasing one article per directory before, then using Spinbot you can rewrite each article to submit to each one of these directories.  In this way, you would get ten times the exposure, or cut your article writing costs by 90%.

Go ahead, try it out for yourself!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Greater Phrase Coverage Means More Search Engine Exposure

The greater range of phrases you have covered related to a subject or product you are marketing, the more chances you will have to show up on Google's indexes.

I am continually surprised to see the wide range of unheard-of phrases people search for on Google.   Of course basic search terms that you want to cover are important, but more often than you might expect people will enter queries for all kinds of random things.

The reason behind this can be explained simply by the fact that everyone has their unique way of phrasing what they are looking for. Different people have very specific requirements or "catch phrases" that hint at what they want to find out about.

These ideas or subjects are many times related to what you yourself are offering... so how will they know about your product (or blog or website) until you post that phrase online so Google can index it and steer those searchers in your direction?

Realistically, you can never cover every phrase that could possibly be created in regards to your website, or the product you are promoting.  You probably wouldn't want this anyway, since you still want your website content to make sense to the average visitor who stops by.

But what if you have already written about your subject matter in as many different ways as you can imagine?

If this is the case for you, Spinbot can help you brainstorm new ways to express what you have been talking about all along.  If single sentence rewriting is not enough for you, or you want to multiply your content as quickly as possible, then you can also use Spinbot to rewrite entire articles at the click of a mouse.  By re-spinning the valuable content you have already created, Spinbot will make the most of your invested time and effort.

Care to give it a try?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Marketing Your Website or Product Online Just Got Easier

Marketing your website or your product online can be challenging to say the least.  It takes a lot of time and creative energy to network your site to others and create relevant content that search engines can find to steer visitors to your destination.  There is also a ton of competition for any industry or market that offers money making opportunities.

One of the most difficult parts of creating an effective online presence is thinking about and creating new relevant content to post online.  Even if you stay on your game and know everything about a particular industry, you may reach a point at which it seems there is nothing left to write about.

This is where Spinbot can make your life a lot easier.   Whether you need to get over some simple writer's block by rephrasing a single sentence, or if you want to rewrite an entire article, Spinbot will get the job done for you in milliseconds.  In this way Spinbot will further energize your online marketing efforts and speed up the rate at which your site or your product gets noticed.

Spinbot will multiply your efforts by rewriting your articles or any other content into new, human readable text.  Simply enter the text and click the button to spin the text.

Go ahead, give it a try.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

IBM's Watson Beats Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter

IBM has passed another major mile-marker in the pursuit of practical artificial intelligence.  They're newest brainchild, dubbed Watson (after the founder of IBM) has beat the two most prominent Jeopardy players in the world - Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter.  And he beat them soundly.

At several points in these episodes the two men seemed about ready to give up since the computer kept beating them to the punch... this is kind of sad, but at the same somewhat exciting for what the future might hold for Artificial intelligence.

So how is this related to Spinbot?

In much the same way that Watson is designed to recognize language patterns, so also Spinbot is continually improving in this area for the purpose of rewriting already existing text.  The better that the computer or program "understands" the language passed, the better it will be able to handle that language.

It is also worth noting that IBM made a splash before by building a maching (Deep Blue) that eventually beat Gary Kasparov in chess, even though the man was considered unbeatable by any human (let alone a computer).  Jeopardy posed a much more difficult challenge, however, in light of breadth of knowledge that the computer would have to assimilate and the vagueness of the Jeopardy questions, which the computer would have to decode into something it could understand.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Free Tweet Spinner

I have noticed that there are a bunch of tweet spinners out there that you have to pay a subscription for.

Why pay to spin your Twitter posts, when Spinbot can do this for you for free?  Also there is no sign up, email confirmation or login required, so it's extremely convenient from the first moment you arrive at our homepage.

Twitter is a very powerful way to get exposure for your online business, or any other kind of virtual endeavor you may be undertaking.  Since Twitter is free and there are so many millions of people using it, you'd be crazy NOT to take advantage of it.

So you have Twitter, which is free, and Spinbot, which offers free tweet rewrites to boost your Twitter prowess.

Your only a couple of clicks away from getting started!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Unlimited Free Unique Twitter Posts

How would you like free unlimited free, unique, readable Twitter posts?  That is exactly what you can get from Spinbot.

Simply paste the the snippet of text you want to rewrite, (a bit of pop culture news for example), click the button to spin the text and "BAM" in seconds you have a completely new, original Twitter post that you can add to your feed.  The only difference is that Spinbot's automatic text rewriting system will put a completely new spin on the same-old news announcements.

There's a good chance that people have already heard the news your posting about on Twitter.  Why not post your news snippets in a totally original, rewritten form that will be both human reader and search engine friendly?  Spinbot can do this for you in seconds (or less).

Need help increasing your visibility through Twitter?  Try Using Spinbot.

SEO, Readable Website Content and Online Marketing

A fundamental connection that any online marketer must understand is the connection that exists between meaningful, readable content and effective search engine optimization.

The concept I am referring to is pretty simple: Tons of valuable content will increase your search engine visibility, which will in turn attract search engine users (which includes pretty much everyone who uses the internet).

Here it online marketing broken down into simple steps:

1. Create a website or blog.

2. Constantly add meaningful, readable, useful content to your website or blog.

3. The number of indexes your website has on major search engines (Google in particular) will increase.

4. People will find your site in proportion to the number of indexes Google has.

5. People will subscribe to your blog or website.

6. People will spread word about how great your website it.

7. Your website or blog will become fabulously popular, thus causing you to become rich and famous.

Spinbot will help you sustain your online marketing strategy where it needs help the most: in the creation of meaningful content.  You might spend 30 minutes to an hour writing a single article about the particular subject that you are familiar with.  Spinbot can then take your content and spin or rewrite it into multiple other versions, thus allowing you effectively express the same basic idea in various other ways.

Free Valuable Text Content For Your Website

Do you need to market a product or website online?  If "yes," then you probably need quality content to attract the attention of major search engines.  Augmenting your blog or online web presence with quality content is the best way to market your product or website.

A brick wall I have encountered on many occasions is the fact that I can only think of so many ways to say the same thing.  What are you supposed to do when you've written all you know about a particular subject, and then can think of nothing else to say?

This is where Spinbot really comes in handy - this automatic text rewriting system offers the capability to, at the click of a mouse, multiply all the content you already have so that you have additional, readable content about the same subject matter.

Spinbot will, almost instantaneously, create a new document for you out of whatever text you input, all for free!   The real "magic" here is the fact that Spinbot creates new, original text that is readable.  The difficulty facing any program designed to rewrite readable text is not in rewriting the text, or even in scrambling it (a simple string shuffling program can do that!), the real difficult lies in creating additional content that is not only comprehensible, but all around correct grammatically.

Go ahead, give Spinbot a try.