Friday, February 25, 2011

Free Article Spinner

Spinbot is simple best the free article spinner on the internet.  I have been searching through Google results for "article spinner" or "free article spinner" for some time now and have yet to find any site that can compare to Spinbot.

Spinbot is the only free article spinner that I can find that really works and is actually, truly free.  Other sites offer a free trial period, which obviously won't get you very far.  Even so, to get the free trial you have to divulge your personal contact information, which makes that "free trial" a bit less free to begin with.  Then again there are free article spinning sites that will plug into some randomized thesaurus program and spit out unreadable junk.  But what good is free junk?

Also Spinbot, unlike most other article spinners, does not require you to install third party software on your computer.  This means you can access it anywhere, anytime through a web browser and it will always work exactly the same.  You can also access it through any of your internet ready devices and it will be up and running, ready to go.

I myself prefer to have as few third party applications installed on my PC as possible.  More programs installed on your computer means more junk slowing it down and more opportunity for questionable third parties to access your personal stuff.

So, to recap, you can paste entire articles into Spinbot, click the button to spin the text and "voila" a new, human readable article will be created.  This works for anything from standard articles that will be posted to sites or article directories, to Twitter tweets, to essays that are good enough to print out and use for other purposes outside the internet.

There is also the option to choose words you do not want to be processed, or the option to spin capitalized words since these words are ignored by default.

The real deal is here.

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