Sunday, February 13, 2011

SEO, Readable Website Content and Online Marketing

A fundamental connection that any online marketer must understand is the connection that exists between meaningful, readable content and effective search engine optimization.

The concept I am referring to is pretty simple: Tons of valuable content will increase your search engine visibility, which will in turn attract search engine users (which includes pretty much everyone who uses the internet).

Here it online marketing broken down into simple steps:

1. Create a website or blog.

2. Constantly add meaningful, readable, useful content to your website or blog.

3. The number of indexes your website has on major search engines (Google in particular) will increase.

4. People will find your site in proportion to the number of indexes Google has.

5. People will subscribe to your blog or website.

6. People will spread word about how great your website it.

7. Your website or blog will become fabulously popular, thus causing you to become rich and famous.

Spinbot will help you sustain your online marketing strategy where it needs help the most: in the creation of meaningful content.  You might spend 30 minutes to an hour writing a single article about the particular subject that you are familiar with.  Spinbot can then take your content and spin or rewrite it into multiple other versions, thus allowing you effectively express the same basic idea in various other ways.

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