Sunday, February 13, 2011

Unlimited Free Unique Twitter Posts

How would you like free unlimited free, unique, readable Twitter posts?  That is exactly what you can get from Spinbot.

Simply paste the the snippet of text you want to rewrite, (a bit of pop culture news for example), click the button to spin the text and "BAM" in seconds you have a completely new, original Twitter post that you can add to your feed.  The only difference is that Spinbot's automatic text rewriting system will put a completely new spin on the same-old news announcements.

There's a good chance that people have already heard the news your posting about on Twitter.  Why not post your news snippets in a totally original, rewritten form that will be both human reader and search engine friendly?  Spinbot can do this for you in seconds (or less).

Need help increasing your visibility through Twitter?  Try Using Spinbot.

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