Sunday, March 13, 2011

Automatically Articles, Blog Posts or Tweets

Speed is very important in the online marketing world.  For example, you will be more successful than your online competition if you are quicker to increase your site's exposure on major search engines such as Google.

How do you gain exposure on Google, Yahoo or Bing?  The most tried and true method for gaining exposure is to have an ever increasing foundation of textual content that the search engine bots will associate with your site.  The greater number and wider variety of textual references search engines associate with your site, the greater spread you will have for searches related to your product or site.

For blog and Twitter marketing for example, the main deciding factor is the race for additional, meaningful content.  Twitter in particular requires a constant flow of updates of you want to gain effective exposure to the "Twittersphere."

This is why Spinbot was created - to speed up the rate at which you can create meaningful content for your blog, website or twitter feed.  You have already put a ton of effort into writing up articles and clever blog posts to describe your area of expertise ... so let Spinbot multiple your efforts several times over in seconds.  Simply enter your text and Spinbot automatically (automagically?) rewrites your text into another form that is still readable to the average reader.

Start multiplying your web content now

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