Saturday, March 5, 2011

Free Tweet Spinner

The fact that Spinbot is free, fast and readily accessible to everyone makes it perfect for spinning, or rewriting, your tweets.  Automatically rewriting the content you already have will multiply the effort you have already put into getting exposure via this well known social medium.

Twitter has become a staple of the online marketer's game plan, so every bit of help you get to increase your exposure on Twitter would be extremely valuable.  Say, for example, if you tweet about celebrity news, it's not helping you to post basically the same news headlines as everyone else.  But, if you rewrite your tweets so that they maintain the same meaning expressed in a fresh form, this will earn you points both in the Twitter community as well as through Google.  Google, does, by the way, recognize duplicate tweet content.

The secret to keeping up an effective marketing campaign via twitter is much the same as effective blog marketing: Keep the fresh content coming!  Especially with Twitter, studies have shown that only a small fraction of the tweets that people create are ever actually read.  This means that, the more tweets you create, either from scratch or by re-spinning already existing tweets, the more exposure you will get through your twitter account.  Also, since Spinbot does such a great job expressing things in a unique manner, there is a good chance that your following will increase significantly before too long.

Also, it can be difficult to keep up a stream of Twitter content since you can easily become fatigued or your creative energies can run low from time time.  This is an ideal time to try out Spinbot, as the program will never tire of creating new tweets out of old ones.

Tip: If your tweets contain lots of capitalized words that you want to be spun, be sure to select the check box, "Spin Capitalized Words."  If there are words you do not want to be spun, type in all or a portion of these words into the text box labeled "Ignore Words Containing", separated by commas or spaces.

Need a free tweet spinner?  Go here to start rewriting your tweets now!

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