Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If Content is King, then Spinbot Is Giving Away Free Money

You've probably heard the phrase a few times -- "Content is King."   This phrase derives from the fact that, if your site is a consistent source of unique, valuable content, then Google will recognize this and give your site preferential treatment. Of course, the better your placement for valuable search terms, the more chances you will have to gain exposure for your site or product, and turn traffic into income for yourself.

So if unique, valuable content is king, then a source of unlimited unique content for your website would be extremely valuable -- and this is exactly what Spinbot offers.  The main element that will boost your site's placement on Google -- fresh content -- is available in abundance for free from this remarkable web based application.

The service Spinbot provides -- intelligent text rewriting -- is easy to describe theoretically but somewhat more tricky to implement in reality.  Most text spinning programs will spin your readable text into garbled nonsense using something like an automated thesaurus / word matching mechanism.  Spinbot, on the other hand, is designed to rewrite your text into additional readable text by choosing words that will actually work in the given context.  Thus, at the click of a mouse, one readable article can be turned into two readable articles.  One clever blog post can turn into two clever blog posts, or one blog post and an article you can re-post through an article directory.

Spinbot is free to all, easy to use and surprisingly effective.  To write your articles, blog posts or any other textual content for free, simply paste it into the text box on Spinbot's homepage and click the button to rewrite it.


  1. I tried to use spinbot . It only gives spin result of 10 to 24 lines(Varies every time). Is there anyway to fix it?

  2. there is a limit of 1500 characters, that is probably the limitation you are running into