Sunday, March 27, 2011

Market Your Business Online For Free

A good principle of business is to spend as little as possible on your different marketing ventures, and only spend more if those ventures are proven to pay off.  What I mean is, you have to be objective: Are your efforts really paying off?  Have you bought into a marketing plan that is costing significantly more than it is actually bringing in?

These can be tough questions to grapple with since people like to run their business their own way.  However, if you want to make more money and waste less time, energy and resources in the process, then you have to be objective.

Arguably the best way to market your blog for free is via search engine optimization, or by people clicking on organic search engine results that refer to your site.  This means, you get search engine traffic for free based solely on the quality of your blog or website.  This requires a variety of different variables to line up correctly, however the most important factor tends to be quality content.

This is where Spinbot can really do you a world of good.  You can use Spinbot for free to spin your existing content into new content, which you can then post on your website or blog.  This can be the fastest way to build up your content base and get noticed by major search engines such as Google.

If you are using a free blogging service such as Blogger (Blogspot), Wordpress or LiveJournal, then you also don't have to pay for hosting.  This way you can get the entire blog for free -- free unlimited unique content from Spinbot and free unlimited hosting from any of a variety of free blog hosts.

Do you need to build up your blog content quickly and start getting indexed by Google and other search engines?  If yes, you should try out today.

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