Thursday, April 7, 2011

Persistent Website Marketing Is Effective Website Marketing

If you have just launched a website designed to make you a few extra bucks on the side, then congratulations!  You should take full advantage of that initial rush of energy you are probably feeling -- that feeling that you could stay up all day and night talking up your product or service, or the website that offers your product.

But keep in mind, it's a long, challenging road ahead.  To really get (and keep) and edge in your particular industry you'll have to keep hammering away at it.  You'll have to keep taking advantage of every available avenue of exposure you can dream up, from other blogs, to forums, to every available kind of networking you can think of (Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

But the fastest way to drum up some attention from major search engines is without a doubt the content that you post on your website or blog.  The more unique, quality content you post on your blog, the more chances you will have to corner relevant search phrases on Google.  And, when you prove to readers that your blog is worth sticking around to read, then Google will recognize that as well.  The more that Google perceives a positive flow of (sticky) traffic to your site, the more Google will oblige your site with a greater number of search phrases.

Marketing your site with quality content resembles a snowball rolling down a snowy mountain, picking more speed, momentum and size as it rolls downward.  If you keep up the hard work writing articles or blog posts about the product or service you want to market, you will garner an ever growing flood of traffic from Google and other major search engines.

And Spinbot will help you along in your marketing efforts by speeding up your content producing efforts.  Any articles, blog posts or other web content you might have can be turned into twice, or three times the amount of content with the same level of quality thanks to Spinbot's free article spinning capabilities.

All you have to do is input your unique, quality text and Spinbot will rewrite your content into additional quality content.

It's free, fast, effective and easy.  Now is the time to give Spinbot a try!

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  1. If you can get spun results to be sent out via email vs. posted on the next page please contact me at empmon2 at aol dot com. I have a large network of hosted blogs and this would be a great benefit.