Thursday, February 23, 2012

Increased Word Per Spin Limit

Spinbot now gives you the ability to spin much larger chunks of text at once -- up to 6000 characters per spin!  This is about twice the size of a typical online article or blog post.  This should eliminate the need to copy and paste smaller chunks of text into the text rewriter and then assemble the chunks separately.

This means that your quest to obtain free, unique content for your website or blog can be accelerated, as a single large portion of new text can be obtained with a single click.   What was already an easy, free process just got easier!

Note also that the option to process uppercase words is selected automatically, so the program assumes that you want to rewrite as many recognizable pieces of text as possible.  In case you only want the program to spin lowercase words (most likely non-specific, or non-proper nouns) then you can un-select this check box.

Also, keep in mind that, in case there is a specific subject or word that you would rather leave intact, simply enter this text or word into the field labeled "Ignore Words Containing."


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