Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tip: Put Quality Articles In to Get Quality Spun Articles Out

It bears mentioning (if I haven't already) that the readability of any spun article you create using Spinbot will depend greatly on the quality of the source article that you want to spin.  Spinbot will not, for the most part, correct grammatical errors, as this would only duplicate the functionality of countless, already existing word processors that will accomplish this job for you (Microsoft Word, for example).  Rather than duplicate existing word processor functionality, Spinbot is designed to fill a gap that currently exists in the article creation world, which is to rewrite readable text into more readable text.

Thus, to get maximum bang for your "click" you should make sure that any article you want to spin has been checked for grammar and spelling mistakes.  On a related note, if you are attempting to use a figure of speech that doesn't sounds quite right to begin with, Spinbot will probably make it sound even more off base since the underlying logic assumes that you wrote the article correctly.

Spinbot assumes that any article you enter to be spun is already correct, grammatically, syntactically and idiomatically.

That being said, go out there and spin some articles!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update: Spun Article Results Now Presented in a TextBox

In addition to the continuous flow of updates to the core logic that drives Spinbot, we have rolled out a new update that should speed up your ability to spin or rewrite your old articles.  The update: Instead of embedding the spun text into the webpage, your results are inserted into a TextBox (or TextArea, as some html markup would have it) that is easier to select, copy and then paste elsewhere.

For example, if you want to select all the text in the resultant rewritten text, you just have to place the cursor in the TextBox and press "Ctrl" + "A" (Select All) to select all the text.  Alternately, you can triple click the first paragraph and then quickly scroll down to select all the text, then copy and paste for your own uses.

For many browsers, such as Chrome, you can dynamically resize TextBoxes and, without having to refresh the page, make it significantly easier to read or review at one time.

For the best free online tool for rewriting text blocks, or spinning your old articles, Spinbot continues to be your best best.  It is fast, free and requires no sign up.  Just paste, spin and do as you like with the results.

Happy Spinning!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Holy Free Unique Website Content Batman!

The SEO secret has been out for some time .. the key to gaining visibility on the web is to continually add new, unique useful content to your website or blog.  The more content that people find and stay to read on your site, the more Google will give your website a high priority.  At the same time, the wider range of unique phrases you have associated with your website (and therefore also the niche you are writing about) the more opportunities your site will have to be referenced by search engine users.

But who has the time?  Writing new content is both energy and time consuming.  That is why this content is valuable.

And that is why Spinbot was created - to streamline the unique textual content production process so you can get build up your web presence as quickly and effectively as possible.  Spinbot will automatically rewrite any article or large chunk of text that you enter and return another significantly different chunk of human readable text.   This service is fast and free of charge.

This process is not easy, which is why no one else can do it as well as Spinbot.  There is no other free article spinner on the web that can compare with Spinbot's ability to rewrite readable text into another form of unique readable text.  It is quite a challenge to process the a human language in a way that it comes out still readable, and that is why Spinbot stands out among the rest.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Free Article Rewriter

Spinbot is the best free article rewriter on the web.  The interface is as simple as can be, and the rewriting engine allows for up to 6000 characters to be entered at a time for rewriting.  6000 characters is much longer than the average article that is published online, either on a website, blog or article database.

The main limitation that the average working individual might run into is time, which is also the case for online website or blog marketers.  There is only so much time in the day for writing articles with fresh, original content.  Thus, there is a limit to how much online exposure you can create by manually writing high quality content.

It was for this reason that Spinbot was created -- to maximize the effort you put into writing articles.  In fact, since Spinbot can create multiple readable versions of your original textual content, you can multiple the output of your time and energy expenditures by several orders of magnitude.  All this is available at the click of a mouse after you copy and paste in the article you want to spin.  Spinbot requires no sign-up, so there is never any need to disclose your personal contact information.  Spinbot is also very fast -- its text spinning engine will rewrite your text and return it to you in about the same speed it takes an average web page to load.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Recycle Old Articles For Free

What if you could breath fresh life into your old articles, and re-use them on your website or blog?  Using the text rewriting capabilities of Spinbot, you can do exactly that.

If you have old articles that you have already posted online, for example about car repair or money market investing, you can turn that content into new content that is still related to the same subject matter and then re-use it.  The "gist" of the article will remain the same, however Google will have a slew of new phrases and keyword usage to associate with your site.

The eventual goal of online marketing is to have as many keywords and keyword phrases associated with your site as possible.  At the same time, you need to have meaningful, readable content so that people will find some value in the content you have posted.  This is particularly significant in the case of marketing with Google in mind, since the search engine giant will keep track of how long people stay on your site after they find it via a standard search.

So, do you have an archive of old articles that are filled with useful material, but just aren't getting much face time online?  If this is the case, then Spinbot is exactly the tool you need to not only expand upon the work you have already done, but more importantly make huge leaps toward your end goal of dominating the online niche your website or blog is targeted for.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Google Search Engine Optimization

The best way to get massive amounts of traffic to your website or blog is via Google.  Even if you had a perfect domain, with words like "article", "spin", "rewrite", "free", "content", etc, it is unlikely that anyone will manually type in a domain with these words in it just to see where it goes.  It is even common for people who know what site they want to visit to still use Google to find that site.  Therefore, if your site can establish as many indexes on Google as possible, then you will have ever increasing opportunities to get revenue generating traffic.

It is for this reason that Spinbot can be your best friend in the world of search engine optimization.  Every new article you create and put out on your website or blog represents a large number of new opportunities for Google, Bing or Yahoo to direct people to your site.  Therefore, as Spinbot allows you to instantly create multiple unique articles for free out of a single article, your efforts can be maximized in terms of search engine visibility.  If you spend an hour on each blog post or website article that you write, and Spinbot allows you to create three or four articles out of that hour's worth of work, it is like you just received 3-4 hours of work for free.

Spinbot is designed to reword your textual content in such a way that is still readable to the average visitor.  You create a readable article, enter it into, then the rewriting logic will instantly create another readable article about the same general subject area.

Spinbot is a free service that does not require a sign up, and there is no limit.  Spinbot is fast, effective, and therefore an extremely valuable friend in your search engine marketing efforts.

So go ahead and give it a try.  Also, feel free to post feedback with ideas as to how we can make the content rewriter better.