Saturday, June 16, 2012

Google Search Engine Optimization

The best way to get massive amounts of traffic to your website or blog is via Google.  Even if you had a perfect domain, with words like "article", "spin", "rewrite", "free", "content", etc, it is unlikely that anyone will manually type in a domain with these words in it just to see where it goes.  It is even common for people who know what site they want to visit to still use Google to find that site.  Therefore, if your site can establish as many indexes on Google as possible, then you will have ever increasing opportunities to get revenue generating traffic.

It is for this reason that Spinbot can be your best friend in the world of search engine optimization.  Every new article you create and put out on your website or blog represents a large number of new opportunities for Google, Bing or Yahoo to direct people to your site.  Therefore, as Spinbot allows you to instantly create multiple unique articles for free out of a single article, your efforts can be maximized in terms of search engine visibility.  If you spend an hour on each blog post or website article that you write, and Spinbot allows you to create three or four articles out of that hour's worth of work, it is like you just received 3-4 hours of work for free.

Spinbot is designed to reword your textual content in such a way that is still readable to the average visitor.  You create a readable article, enter it into, then the rewriting logic will instantly create another readable article about the same general subject area.

Spinbot is a free service that does not require a sign up, and there is no limit.  Spinbot is fast, effective, and therefore an extremely valuable friend in your search engine marketing efforts.

So go ahead and give it a try.  Also, feel free to post feedback with ideas as to how we can make the content rewriter better.

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