Sunday, July 14, 2013

No More Translation Option (For Now)

Unfortunately, Spinbot no longer offers the option to translate text.

The motivation here is financial -- To continue using the third party translation service I have been using, I would need to start paying, thus making Spinbot's "free" model no longer viable.

In the meantime, Spinbot's English to English article spinning option will remain the same.

Spinbot may offer the option to translate text in the future depending on what kind of usage/cost model I implement.  For example, in a paid API or web service model, it would cost slightly more than the average English to English spin to to also translate the content in question.

This is ultimately not a major loss to you if you need to spin and also translate your text right now.  There are a variety of free services online that you can incorporate into your article spinning methodology.  For example, if you need to spin an article and translate it from English into German, then you could first spin the English text using Spinbot, then use a free translation service such as to do the rest.

On the other hand, if you need to rewrite text that is originally written in German, first translate it to English, then use Spinbot to rewrite it, then translate it back into German.

Until next time, Happy Spinning!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Let Spinbot Do the Thinking For You

Internet marketing takes a lot of time, effort and brainpower.  Networking, for example, is now a huge part of gaining favor from major search engines, especially Google.  If Google sees that your site is integrated with exclusive social networks such as Facebook or Pinterest, then your site will be seen more legitimate than those that are not.

Website design is also a major factor - whether or not your site is optimized for Google's search bot can make the difference in ranking at the top, or somewhere other than the top.  Studies have shown that, for search engine results appearing second and third on Google's search engine results, the chances of getting clicked becomes exponentially less.

All this means that you need all the help you can get.  Time is limited, so you have no choice but to spend it wisely.  So, if you can minimize the time and effort spent on the most time and brain consuming aspect of your website marketing (content creation), then you will make a major leg up on your competition.

That's where Spinbot comes in.  Spinbot will take a huge load off of your mind by creating new unique, quality content from existing quality content.  It's free, fast and just a matter of copy-paste and click.

It won't cost you anything to try it out, so what are you waiting for? Start creating new quality content now.

High Quality Free Website Content

Spinbot is designed to take you're high quality articles or any textual content and turn it into completely new content.  And all this for free.  Any written content that can be copied digitally, pasted, and then copied back out of webpage can be used via Spinbot.

The main challenge with any automatic content rewriter is creating additional content that is actually valuable, or readable, to the average internet reader.  This is exactly where Spinbot shines.  Spinbot doesn't blindly rewrite words or phrases -- it makes calculated decisions that according to the likely meanings and inflections of words, or groupings of words.

It is also worth mentioning that, due to the unique nature of Spinbot's rewriting capabilities, it is entirely valid to use content produced by other articles spinners to create additional content that these other spinners would not have thought to create.  Of course, the caveat here is that the content you're processing through Spinbot must start out legitimate and readable.

I have read multiple other spinners advertise something like "100 unique readable articles from a single article."   If it is true the case that any rewriter created 100 valid, readable articles, then Spinbot can easily turn that set of 100 articles into 200, because it is using a totally different kind of decision making.

Looking for an effective, free article spinner?  Look no further than

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Google's Most Recent Updated Algorithm

Many blog and website owners who have spend significant amounts of time building backlinks to their site might be surprised to find out that artificial backlinking has been, in effect, banned by Google.  Having too many backlinks to your site that don't seem organic in Google's sight can actually cause your site to be dropped from Google's index.

The rationale behind this action is that Google wants to improve it's search engine results and give people more useful, or relevant content.  And relevance is gauged by the interactions people have with the site.

Now social networking references and organic linking are much more valuable.  And, of course, solid readable content is still very important.

For many people, this Google update represents a major blow to years of marketing effort.  However, this still goes to show that Spinbot is a vital tool for anyone who wants to market their website as quickly as possible.

Content is still extremely important to how well your website or blog fares online.  If people visit your site, stay and read (if you have a low bounce rate), then Google will recognize this and prop up your site in its search rankings.

Need free content for your website or blog? Look no further than