Saturday, January 18, 2014

Make Money Using the Spinbot API

First of all, what is an 'API' ?

"API" is an acronym, which is short for "Application Programming Interface."  In more common terms, an API is a program, or an universally available service, that other programs or services can use.  For example, one might create an API (a web based service), to translate text from one language to another.  Whereas humans generally used audible words to communicate with any other human, a program can use an api to communicate with any other program. 

In the case of the Spinbot, you can create a program or website to take advantage of the same text rewriting power available at the homepage.  There are potentially a wide range applications for Spinbot's article / text rewriting service.

An obvious application for the Spinbot API would be to create your own paid or ad-supported article spinning website.  By way of example, I have created the following free article spinning websites, which use the same API used by
  • Free Article Spinner - Requires a captcha, similar to, except the logical flow of is left-to-right.  This might be preferable for people who like to their text formatted vertically, or for anyone who likes comparing text left to right.
  • Article Rewriter Tool - Also requires a captcha, also features a top-to-bottom logical flow, but the captcha is moved to the right.  The potential benefit to this design is that the "before" and "after" text is right next to each other.
The business model for such a website would be pretty simple: Try to make more money on ads than you are paying for hosting and Spinbot API usage.  Using the code examples available on the Spinbot API page, you could very quickly create your own such online app.

Another application I thought up for the Spinbot API is a more abbreviated "rephrasing" site, that focuses more on shorter sayings.  Here is the site I created for this purpose: 
  • Another Way to Say That - Allows users to rewrite short phrase or saying.  There are also a range of example phrases / sayings shown down the page to give users an idea of the wide (unlimited) possibilities.  
Another potential application: A mobile friendly article / phrase / text spinning site. 

Regarding the Spinbot API example code located on the Spinbot API page:   There is an ASP.NET example if you prefer to Microsoft based programming (this might include ASP or MVC style websites).  For Linux users, there is a PHP example, which could be uploaded and used in any Linux based hosting account.  Both of these examples require that you enter your own Spinbot API key.  

So what do you think?  Can you think of any other potentially useful or lucrative applications for the Spinbot API ?

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