Monday, August 25, 2014

No-Captcha reCaptcha Now Implemented on

The newest innovation from reCaptcha, "No Captcha reCaptcha" has been rolled on on the home page.

This new version of reCaptcha is supposed to make your user experience easier by eliminating the need for you to enter a captcha (text) response ahead of time if Google estimates that you are probably not a bot.

I welcome all feedback regarding this captcha, for example:

- Is Google recognizing that you're not a robot very often (are you being required to click the check box and nothing else) ?

- If you do have to enter a captcha, is the text requirement easier or harder than before?

- Overall, is this an improvement over the standard captcha (example of the standard text based captcha can been seen on right now)

Please let me know via comments here, or you can email me: [email protected]


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