Monday, February 23, 2015

Youtube Feature: Using Spinbot for Your Ebay / Amazon / Ecommerce Listings

Youtuber Angie Tonini-Rogers uses Spinbot to embed original, relevant text into her Ebay / Amazon / Ecommerce listings so that, from the one listing to the next, her products do not have duplicate content.

Note that that she pastes the final result into a word document as a final check for grammar / spelling mistakes.  This is a good idea, as you never know where a mistake might have been introduced, and ultimately you want to inspire confidence in your potential buyers by posting content with proper English grammar.


British Girl Offers Some Quality SEO Advise

This British young lady says, "Content is King" ... and I think she might be right.

Here is a quick overview of why more quality content translates to greater success on Google. This is because more quality content gives Google more chances to index and refer search engine users to your site.

And, of course, Spinbot is the quickest, most effective way to get that quality content, which will then result in your website or blog getting an ever increasing stream of valuable traffic.

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New Whiteboard style Promo Video ... What Do You Think?

A new promo video (white board style) for Spinbot, including a basic user walk through:

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