Monday, December 7, 2015

Proofread Your Essays or Articles for Free

So, now you've got you're newly rewritten text and you're ready for the final stage: proofreading.  You don't want to do it, but you know you have to.

You have to proofread because otherwise people will feel turned off by your content.  You won't come across as someone who knows what they are talking about if your writing is full of grammatical mistakes or if your article/essay is excessively difficult to read.

Luckily, there is a free tool out there to help you out with this final, arduous step: Document Grader.

Document Grader has much the same workflow as Spinbot -- enter your text and then watch the magic happen.  However, in this case there is much more input required by you, the writer.

Doc Grader will highlight potential issues in your writing, then you must decide how to react to that information.  Potential issues include redundant wording, excessive verbosity (too many words to say something simple), cliches, passive voice, and others.  Correcting these issues will make your writing significantly easier to read, thus empowering your to better capture your audience's attention.

Wherever possible Doc Grader will present you with an automatic correction, but most of the time you will need to read the issue explanation, re-examine the word or phrase in its context, then correct the text yourself.  So, in contrast to the "click and done" nature of Spinbot, Document Grader requires more thought and interaction from you to create that final, polished product.  This sounds like a lot more work, and it is.  But this extra work is necessary to create the kind of content that will set you apart from your competitors.

Ready to take your writing to the next level?  Try out Document Grader (for free) today!

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