Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Secret to Effective Content Rewriting, Not Gibberish Spinning

Anyone (or many people at least) can whip up a program that draws from a database of synonyms, replace the words in a paragraph and call that "spun."  What that really is: Gibberish.

There is no point in aimlessly spinning words as far as your average web surfer is concerned.  Unintelligible junk only serves to annoy people when they stumble onto it.

So what is the secret to effectively rewriting text into additional readable text?

The secret is hidden within the depths of SpinBot's artificial brain.

So, even if I wanted to tell you the secret, I wouldn't be be able to.  In the mean time, at least, you can use to rewrite your old content in a click and a flash.  SpinBot will make your dusty old text info shiny, sparkling new content that people will be delighted to read.

Give it a try.

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