Sunday, October 3, 2010

Auto Rewrite Your Text

The main purpose of SpinBot is to rewrite your text, from any language to any language.  This functionality is extremely useful for internet marketers in particular, who may have already written hundreds of articles on a particular subject, who need a new spin on the content they have already written about so many times.

It is an undeniable fact that, after writing about the same thing over and over, you can start to feel some major writer's block.  That is to say, after you've written for a long time about a particular subject in a variety of blog posts, articles to put into public databases and Twitter "tweets", it can start to seem like there is no other original way to say what you've been saying all along.

That is where SpinBot comes in extremely handy.  SpinBot allows you to simply enter any text you need to rewrite, click the button, and presto, your text has been given a new lease on life.

What's more, you have the option of spinning your text until it takes a form you prefer, including the verbs and noun substitutions that you think sound best.  If there is only a small tweak or two that you would put in after a particular spin, then I would recommend copying the new text and then manually making the additional tweak in a text editor.


  1. ok, after playing with the bot more I see what i does. kind of like an auto thesaraus. cool idea. keep adding more features and you'll be getting somewere. not bad at all.

  2. yes, I have not covered all words yet so some phrases will work better than others .. but that's the way it goes when the program is designed to create readable text (big difference between this and mindless robotic word trading) .. thx for the visit!

  3. hi man, the site doesnt work! i used it once and it was AWESOME! how come it is down? please make it work again. its like a drug for people like me! thanks!