Sunday, October 3, 2010

Coffee and Espresso Related Vocabulary Ready for Spinning

I recently added coffee related vocabulary and phraseology to SpinBot's repertoire.  So now, if you blog or use twitter for coffee related discussion, you can utilize SpinBot to rewrite your content, put a fresh spin on your text, or maybe just help you with the article writing / brainstorming process.

Say, for example, you have already written a large number of articles about coffee -- making coffee, grinding espresso beans, steaming a latte, etc.  You can take the article or articles that you've written, which you might think sound redundant, use SpinBot to rewrite them, then go on from there (publish your newly spun content on the internet, etc.).

Click here to check out SpinBot and try out its new espresso and coffee related text rewriting capabilities.

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