Saturday, October 2, 2010

SpinBot Will Multiply Your Custom Written Articles

If you've bought any custom written articles from an online vendor lately, then SpinBot can help you get the most of your money by stretching your articles from 2 to 4, or from 5 to 10, or from 50 to 100.  Say, for example, you plan on using a purchased article about cooking to post to your blog about cooking.  You could utilize SpinBot to rewrite your article for free and post this perfectly readable, alternate version on an article database with links back to your site.

You might wonder what are the chances that Google will penalize text rewriting by dropping one or the other (or both) articles so far down on it's index as to make one or more (or both) worthless ...  This is a major goal that the creators of SpinBot are attempting to address.

In many cases, SpinBot can rewrite content with such a drastically new structure that it will be unrecognizable by humans or computers alike.  We are continually working to expand this capability of course, by adding new vocabulary and phrase recognition to our database.

How's it working so far?

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