Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Greater Phrase Coverage Means More Search Engine Exposure

The greater range of phrases you have covered related to a subject or product you are marketing, the more chances you will have to show up on Google's indexes.

I am continually surprised to see the wide range of unheard-of phrases people search for on Google.   Of course basic search terms that you want to cover are important, but more often than you might expect people will enter queries for all kinds of random things.

The reason behind this can be explained simply by the fact that everyone has their unique way of phrasing what they are looking for. Different people have very specific requirements or "catch phrases" that hint at what they want to find out about.

These ideas or subjects are many times related to what you yourself are offering... so how will they know about your product (or blog or website) until you post that phrase online so Google can index it and steer those searchers in your direction?

Realistically, you can never cover every phrase that could possibly be created in regards to your website, or the product you are promoting.  You probably wouldn't want this anyway, since you still want your website content to make sense to the average visitor who stops by.

But what if you have already written about your subject matter in as many different ways as you can imagine?

If this is the case for you, Spinbot can help you brainstorm new ways to express what you have been talking about all along.  If single sentence rewriting is not enough for you, or you want to multiply your content as quickly as possible, then you can also use Spinbot to rewrite entire articles at the click of a mouse.  By re-spinning the valuable content you have already created, Spinbot will make the most of your invested time and effort.

Care to give it a try?

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