Thursday, February 24, 2011

Make the Most of Professionally Written Articles from Third Parties

In case your business model involves purchasing articles from professional writers, you have probably found out by now how expensive this can be over the long haul.  In case you are not aware of how expensive paying for articles can be, it tends to be 10-20 dollars per article (and up).

This is also a persistent cost (an expense that will never go away) if your business model depends on it.  But, if this model works for you, or if it is making you enough income to offset the initial investment, then great!

People might buy articles from a third party for a variety of reasons, for example: To have additional content for article databases, to beef up the informative side of a website, for school work or for new blog posts.

From an SEO perspective, obtaining new, valuable content make sense since Google love fresh, unique content.  You will receive greater exposure through Google and major search engines will assume that your site is more up to date than other sites that sit stagnant for weeks or months.

But it's still expensive!  Paying someone else to create articles for you certainly saves time and energy, but most average people cannot afford that kind of expenditure over the long run.

Solution: Spinbot.

You can cut your content producing costs using Spinbot to rewrite articles you have already created.  For example, if you have 10 major article directories you submit to and you were purchasing one article per directory before, then using Spinbot you can rewrite each article to submit to each one of these directories.  In this way, you would get ten times the exposure, or cut your article writing costs by 90%.

Go ahead, try it out for yourself!

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