Sunday, March 27, 2011

Choosing an SEO Optimized Domain Name

Google evidently thinks very highly of domains that are relevant to search phrases.  For example, you might search for a single word and get the .COM version of that single word, but the content on that site isn't nearly as informative as another site with a less memorable domain that is actually showing up on page 2 for that single word Google search.

Brand recognition is valuable, of course, but it might take years for people to learn that a formal name, for example, should be associated with a particular industry such as real estate, for example.  If you know exactly what your market is, such as real estate in Las Vegas, then it will give you a much faster boost up the search engine ladder to set up a website on "" rather than ""

Google is very adept at picking out the words in a particular domain and then associating those words with a search phrase.  For this reason, one might argue that you would be better off buying a domain with dashes in it such as" rather than "," which might be easier to type.

For industries that are already competitive (which is practically every industry) it is better to win over Google so that Google can guide people to your site.  If people are clicking on search results given by Google, then they won't care how hard your domain is to type out or remember.

Some people are lucky enough to have single word generic domains such as or  This would be ideal, however, most people cannot afford such domains as these.  The next best thing for the start-up web marketer would be a Google-search friendly name.

However, even if you have a great domain name, you still need to back it up with solid content to get the kind of traffic you need to make a living off of it.  You need quality content hosted on your site in addition to a quality domain in order to achieve true search engine domination.

Spinbot was designed to meet this need.  You can quickly build up your site's content base by posting content that has been rewritten by Spinbot.  You can take all the articles and information currently at your disposal, spin this content into various other versions and then post this content to your site.  This is a great way to give search engines the anchors or strategic search phrases you want to associate with your site.

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