Sunday, March 27, 2011

Free Blogging Services And Free Unique Blog Content

If you are planning on marketing your product or service using a blog, then you should be able to do so either for free or almost free.  Major blogging services such as Wordpress, Blogger (Blogspot) and LiveJournal will host your blog, give you a variety of formatting options and also give you a handle (domain) that is derived from their base domain, such as ""

The beauty of free blog hosting is that it is basically worry free.  In particular, you don't have to worry about bandwidth or storage like you would have to if you were paying for hosting yourself.

Free blogging services also handle all DNS (Domain Name Service) issues that you would have to worry about if you were setting up your own hosting from scratch.  The only exception would be if you want to buy your own domain and then associate it with the free blogging service.  My experience with Blogger has been better than Wordpress in this regard: You can associate a custom domain with Blogger's interface for free but Wordpress with charge you for it.

There are other little charges you have to watch out for, depending on the blogging service you choose.  On the same token, each service has it's own sets of strengths and weaknesses that you have to decide between.  For example, Wordpress offers a really nice interface, but will generally charge you extra for advanced CSS options, etc.  Blogger (Blogspot) hosting does not have any such limitations but sometimes their templates leave something to be desired.

So how does free blog hosting relate to Spinbot?  Answer: Spinbot is a free source of unique textual content, which you can use to create blog posts, which these free blogging services will host.  Thus, if you want to launch an online marketing campaign for free from start to finish and thereby potentially corner some very lucrative markets, then Spinbot plus any free blogging service is your key to success.

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