Saturday, March 26, 2011

No More Article Spinner Junk

There is one obvious reason why people might hate automatic article spinners: Gibberish sucks.  The typical article spinner turns perfectly good articles into meaningless nonsense.

Unreadable junk is a waste of time for web surfers and ultimately a major detriment for your website or blog. If a visitor goes out of their way to visit your site for the first time and sees that you have posted a lot of computer generated nonsense, then you can bet that you will never see that visitor again.

So the goal in in rewriting articles, tweets or any other web based content is to create new content that is human readable, or meaningful to the average passer by.  This may seem obvious, but people who are desperate to fill their site with anything might be tempted to post a lot of junk rather than a little quality content.

The ideal scenario would be to post a lot of quality content as quickly as possible -- and that is exactly what Spinbot allows you to do!  Unlike other random text spinners, Spinbot is designed to instantly rewrite your articles, tweets or any other textual content into new content that means the same thing, but with different wording.

Not only is extremely fast and effective it is free!

So what are you waiting for?  Visit and give it a try.

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