Saturday, April 2, 2011

Use Free Website Content to Maximize Search Phrase Coverage

If you have recently created a website or blog, then you will soon realize that it is very difficult to get any significant exposure on Google.

For any new website or blog, regardless of how much useful content it contains, there will be a "trial" period during which Google gathers information the site, including how stable it is and how visitors interact with the site.  As Google's indexing algorithm establishes with greater certainty that your site is trustworthy as well as useful to most passers-by, your site will climb up the indexing ladder.

In addition to establishing your trustworthiness with Google, there is also the basic problem of having little or no content for the search engine to index.  If, for example, you are trying to maintain a blog about hiking in Idaho, then you will probably want your site to contain a variety of keywords related to hiking in Idaho.  In the case of this hiking example, if someone searches for "Boise hiking locations" but your blog never mentions "Boise" (even though it is the capital of Idaho), then there is a good chance that Google will not direct this web surfer to your website.

This is the principle of search phrase coverage, and is why you need to constantly expand your site with meaningful text that is relevant to your overall site theme.

Spinbot is an automated text spinning tool that will assist you with the process of creating massive amounts of text as quickly as possible.  If, for example, you have 150 articles related to hiking available to you,  then you can use Spinbot to turn these articles into twice as much (or more) content, which you can them post on your website or blog to expand your content base, and ultimately your search phrase coverage.

There is an unending race to market products online, and one of the most effective ways to win this race is to maintain a constant flow of unique, readable content on your site.  Whether you are starting out or not, posting tons of useful content to your site is a great way to boost your search engine exposure.

So, to jumpstart your online marketing efforts, go ahead and give Spinbot a try!

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