Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update: Spun Article Results Now Presented in a TextBox

In addition to the continuous flow of updates to the core logic that drives Spinbot, we have rolled out a new update that should speed up your ability to spin or rewrite your old articles.  The update: Instead of embedding the spun text into the webpage, your results are inserted into a TextBox (or TextArea, as some html markup would have it) that is easier to select, copy and then paste elsewhere.

For example, if you want to select all the text in the resultant rewritten text, you just have to place the cursor in the TextBox and press "Ctrl" + "A" (Select All) to select all the text.  Alternately, you can triple click the first paragraph and then quickly scroll down to select all the text, then copy and paste for your own uses.

For many browsers, such as Chrome, you can dynamically resize TextBoxes and, without having to refresh the page, make it significantly easier to read or review at one time.

For the best free online tool for rewriting text blocks, or spinning your old articles, Spinbot continues to be your best best.  It is fast, free and requires no sign up.  Just paste, spin and do as you like with the results.

Happy Spinning!

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