Sunday, March 31, 2013

Google's Most Recent Updated Algorithm

Many blog and website owners who have spend significant amounts of time building backlinks to their site might be surprised to find out that artificial backlinking has been, in effect, banned by Google.  Having too many backlinks to your site that don't seem organic in Google's sight can actually cause your site to be dropped from Google's index.

The rationale behind this action is that Google wants to improve it's search engine results and give people more useful, or relevant content.  And relevance is gauged by the interactions people have with the site.

Now social networking references and organic linking are much more valuable.  And, of course, solid readable content is still very important.

For many people, this Google update represents a major blow to years of marketing effort.  However, this still goes to show that Spinbot is a vital tool for anyone who wants to market their website as quickly as possible.

Content is still extremely important to how well your website or blog fares online.  If people visit your site, stay and read (if you have a low bounce rate), then Google will recognize this and prop up your site in its search rankings.

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