Sunday, July 14, 2013

No More Translation Option (For Now)

Unfortunately, Spinbot no longer offers the option to translate text.

The motivation here is financial -- To continue using the third party translation service I have been using, I would need to start paying, thus making Spinbot's "free" model no longer viable.

In the meantime, Spinbot's English to English article spinning option will remain the same.

Spinbot may offer the option to translate text in the future depending on what kind of usage/cost model I implement.  For example, in a paid API or web service model, it would cost slightly more than the average English to English spin to to also translate the content in question.

This is ultimately not a major loss to you if you need to spin and also translate your text right now.  There are a variety of free services online that you can incorporate into your article spinning methodology.  For example, if you need to spin an article and translate it from English into German, then you could first spin the English text using Spinbot, then use a free translation service such as to do the rest.

On the other hand, if you need to rewrite text that is originally written in German, first translate it to English, then use Spinbot to rewrite it, then translate it back into German.

Until next time, Happy Spinning!

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