Monday, June 30, 2014

Math Captcha Now Available Via

I have heard from numerous people that the text-based captchas required to use Spinbot in "free mode" tend to be really difficult to read.  Even after multiple attempts, some people are finding it difficult to pass this captcha requirement.

Well, fear not!  For I have created a spin-off article spinning / text paraphrasing site called, which uses the same article spinning API used by, except it employs a math challenge question instead of a text-based captcha.

The math challenge question is going to be very simple, of course, in the order of "two minus one = ?" or "nine plus three = ?".  The question is posed in big bold letters also, so it should be very easy to read.

I have created spin-off sites such as and, which use the same Article Spinning API as, to illustrate the opportunity you have to employ the Spinbot API to create your own article spinning tool, or to do anything you want related to text paraphrasing and/or rewriting.

Please note that you will need at least a small amount of programming know-how to use the Spinbot API.  To be more specific, I would recommend reading up on what are HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) requests, and how they are commonly used throughout the internet.  Then I would recommend familiarizing yourself with a high level programming language that will make it easy for you to create and execute a Spinbot API request.  Actual code examples can be found on the Spinbot API how-to page.


  1. Found the tool on google, using it, and was just looking for a way to congratulate you, and this is it:

    Amazing Tool.
    You guys did an excellent job.
    Keep up the good work.

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