Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Powerful New Feature: Auto Blog Posting

Spinbot now offers the option of posting your spun content directly to your Wordpress or Blogger blog.  This means, if posting your spun content to a blog is part of your work flow, then your life just got a whole lot easier.  

Now, instead of having to log into a separate browser window to paste, then publish your spun content, you can do all of these steps directly from the Spinbot homepage.  All you need to enter is a new blog post title and the credentials for your Wordpress or Blogger blog.  

In the case of Blogger, you will need to enter your associated Google credentials.  Then, as an extra step (which actually makes your job easier) you need to click the button next to the drop down menu to populate the blog list.  Then Spinbot will use get a complete list of Blogger blogs associated with that account and list them so you may then choose which blog to post to.

The auto blog posting feature will post whatever text is currently in the second textbox, where the rewritten content ends up after being processed by the Spinbot service.  Since this text represents the final product that will be used to create your new blog post, I would recommend giving at least a once over to check for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

Notice that there is an option to "Remember" your Wordpress or Blogger password if you select the checkbox.  Selecting this checkbox will most likely save you a lot of time having to enter your password every time.

Feedback is welcomed!  If you feel like the auto-blogging feature available at is not working correctly, please let me know (email me at [email protected]).  For that matter, please email with any feedback about anything if you feel like something isn't working correctly, or if you believe that something could be improved upon.

Happy Spinning!

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