Tuesday, October 27, 2020

How to Write Personalized Instagram Content to Increase Engagement and Sales

Did you know that 80% of customers say that personalization influences their shopping decision? That’s the hard truth. When you add personalization to an accessible platform such as Instagram, you can make magic.

Creating personalized content on Instagram can be a winning social media strategy. This tactic can help you stand out among competitors, boost your engagement, and increase your sales rate. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

To put this strategy in motion you need to know how to write these personalized Instagram posts. That’s why we are here. The following tips will give you insight into the best advice for crafting engaging and personalized Instagram content that will increase your sales. 

Evoke Emotions with Content

Content that creates an emotional appeal always tends to have the highest engagement rate. Additionally, such content helps to strengthen the bond between the brand and the customer.

Add an emotional layer to your posts by targeting a specific emotion with content. You can try to evoke nostalgia, happiness, romance, excitement, etc. Just make sure that you aim for positive emotion.

Storytelling is a great technique for building up emotion in content. For example, you can write a short story in the post’s description about the importance of friendship and invite the user’s to tag their best friend. 

Post User-Generated Content

You can’t get more personal than sharing the customers’ content about your brand. This helps them to directly participate in your content creation and makes them feel relevant. All you have to do is to repost their content and add an engaging description.

Take into consideration that 86% Millennials and Generation Z find user-generated content to be the best indicator of the products’ quality. Therefore, potential customers will have one reason more to give your products a try.

Coming up with a corresponding post description that will perfectly go along with user-generated posts isn't always easy. You can always collaborate with a writer from prominent services like TrustMyPaper or TopEssayWriting.com to help you add a nice description to match the user-generated content. 

Or, if you just need a second pair of eyes to point out any weak spots, hire an editor from GrabMyEssay who will make the post even more engaging. 

User-generated content simply seems more natural and genuine. Which is a big part of creating a brand that customers can trust.

Create Branded Filters

Let your followers have some fun and provide them with custom-made Instagram AR filters. The popularity of filters has gone through the roof so this is a good time to get on board and embrace this trend.

Build a filter that would be entertaining or aesthetically pleasing to your customers. However, make it somewhat related to your brand. This helps with spreading brand awareness. Once you have your filter ready, invite your followers to try it out and let the fun begin!

Customers who try out the filter and share it will attract their followers’ attention to your brand. You’ll also be able to collect more user-generated content that you can repurpose for your social media campaign.

Open Up

Getting personal with your customers will present your brand in a whole new light. Be open with your customers and share interesting aspects of your business. Type of brand-related content that can boost the engagement are:

Posts about employees


Background story about the owner

Advice and tips from employees

Amanda Morgan, a digital marketer and technical writer at Subjecto shared why it’s beneficial for brands to get personal with their customers. “Give your followers a glimpse of what’s happening behind the scenes. The kind of connection that spurs from getting to know the people behind the brand will make your brand much more credible and trustworthy,” said Amanda.

Show Your Appreciation by Saying “Thank You”

When customers feel valued by the brand they will be more loyal. Express your gratitude to your customers through personalized posts.

For example, you can tag new customers in Stories to thank them for following your brand. You can report customers’ positive reviews and thank them within the post. 

That powerful phrase known as "thank you" can make a huge difference in your relationship with customers. Showing that you feel grateful for their attention and purchases will make them feel special and evoke a need to engage with your brand.

Ask Questions

The easiest way to start an interaction is by asking direct questions. Present your interest in your audience's opinions through interactive content.

To demonstrate how you can use this technique, let's say that you have a décor shop. You can ask your followers what is their favorite décor piece in their home. Make the question related to your brand but also make it personal to users.

Another good way to increase engagement through questions is to create polls and surveys. Instagram Story has this great option to add poll stickers so you can use that to motivate your followers to interact with your brand.

Final Thoughts

Marketers report that personalization can boost revenues by up to 15%. Also, 95% of businesses claim that they saw 3x ROI from their personalization efforts increased profitability in the year after their personalization efforts. Needless to say that personalized content can be a huge asset to your Instagram campaign. 

With the above-mentioned tips, you’ll be able to write interesting and relevant personalized posts that will encourage customer engagement. The bond you establish with your customers through such engagement will positively reflect on your sales. All in all, you personalizing your Instagram content can take your business to a whole new level. 

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