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More Clarification on Video Rules

Friday, June 3, 2022 by Patrick at 6:51 PM

Over the course of the last few months of running the Video Contest, we’ve gotten a ton of really cool submissions!

Many thanks to you all who participated!

There are a few things that would be worth clarifying, however:

How are Winners Are Determined?

Whoever gets a combination of the most views and likes will win for each category.  Likes are given greater weight than views.

That being said, there are ways to cheat, for example by hiring someone from Fiverr to artificially pump up the like / view counts. So, if someone is obviously cheating, then these videos will be rejected.  Also, videos will be rejected if they are just duplicates of previous videos.

When Are Winners Determined?

Final winners are determined after the first week of the following month.  This allows for videos created / submitted within the last few days of the month to accumulate at least some views, and have a chance at winning.

So for example, for the month of May, views and likes will continue to accumulate through June 7th, then the contest for May will be officially over.  At the end of June 7th, the winners will be determined.

Videos for May can still be submitted during the first week of June, as long as they were uploaded to the platform in question (Youtube or TikTok) in May.  Otherwise, if they were submitted to that platform in June, then the video will be counted for June.  After the first week of June, no more videos will be accepted for the May contest.

Videos are always associated with the month in which they are uploaded to the platform in question (Youtube or TikTok).


At the end of the day, the purpose of the video contest is to encourage people to show off their creativity and demonstrate to the world what Spinbot can do.

As for wow the contest is administered … It’s a work in progress!  I’ll keep y’all updated on this blog, on Video Contest page itself and via the Terms of Service page.


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